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    [SOLVED] 820-3332 Works only on one power source

    Hi, I have problem with this board, when i have battery connected and insert adapter then magsafe led blink and is off. Next it working from Battery. When I use only power adapter without battery it works fine. Any sugestions? Kindly Regards Mariusz
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    820-00165 Fan spinning high

    Hello I have this board after water damage. After my repair board works but with one problem. Fan runs at high speed. Could anybody have any suggest? Trackpad changed I/O Board Changed WiFi Card changed SMC Changed from Working Board All corroded elements are tested, (all which i saw) Kindly...
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    820-3023 3 beeps no PPVCORE_S0_AXG_R

    Hi I have this board for repair. I checked power rails and: only PPVCORE_S0_AXG_R this is 0V ALL_SYS_PWRGD present Still dead, fan spinning, and made 3 beep only. I stuck with that. Kindly Regards Mariusz
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    [SOLVED] 820-4924-09 no keyboard (bad trackpad flex)

    Hi I have this board with no working keyboard. I check only PP3V3_S4_TPAD and its ok, I can do SMC reset and that all. Do You have any suggestion for it? I don't have board view for this model. Kindly Regards Mariusz
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    820-2936 Power on only once when plug cable

    hi I have problem with board 820-2936-A When i plug magsafe it starts and works until power off system. I can power off working machine with power button. This is without battery. When turned off don't react for power BTN. Same situation if battery is in, board start automatically but when...
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    [solved]820-2936-B does not recognize internal screen model and resolution

    820-2936-B does not recognize the internal model of the screen I have it out for repair without PP15V_T29 after water damage. I changed the U3890 and other small parts. Now I have a problem with the screen resolution like on photo. Can you help me with this problem? Regards Mariusz
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    [solved]820-3115 Permanent Optical Output

    Hi I have a problem with this board. I repair power problems after liquid damage but after the test and found a problem as audio on a photo. When power on i have chime. Could you help me with this issue, what you suggest? I have a problem with the motherboard. I fixed a problem with the power...
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    [SOLVED] 820-2784 iMac A1311 don't power on

    Hi, I have Apple iMac A1311 K74 MLB 051-8337 820-2784 for repair with no power. After i plug in PSU i get LED1 green for 1 second and thats all. I checked U7700 and P3V3S5_12VE_EN1 is 3,8V I soldered new U7700 without any success, still no P3V3S5. I have only 12Volst on board. Could You help...