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    Touchbar Critical software update required

    I'm just posting this here for reference as this is a common issue and there are many different causes. This is not about the network error but the error that occurred during installation of the update. The critical software update is triggered if during normal OSX boot the T1/T2 chip cannot...
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    2011 iMac 27" 6970M solution

    I think by now we can give up all hope of ever seeing 216-0811000 becoming available at sensible prices. I have already posted this solution elsewhere, but since I have made some updates and thought I should put it here on the forum. This involves swapping the GPU for a 215-0798006 and flashing...
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    Anyone have a 820-00875 board to measure some resistors?

    As the title says, this is an easy fix but I have no clue about a few corroded resistors :(