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    820-00165-A No fan spin

    Hello, I have light on charger, but no fan spin. Historic : Macbook was find in a dump, no fan spin but after cleaning the backlight keyboard connector it worked fine. I ultrasonic the board even if it looked clean, but 2 months later I have this problem. PPBUS_G3H = 8,6V PPDCIN_G3H_ISOL =...
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    820-00244 - A1534 2016 Running Slow

    Hi ! I hate to work on this board, no fan spin = no fun. The board was liquid damaged, came here with no image. I refurbished the LCD connector that had minor corrosion and replaced the flex, LCD came back. When LCD went back, I discovered there was no KB no TP, the TP flex was damaged so I...
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    820-3437-B PP3V3_S5 shorted

    Hello there ! I have a 3437-B from a MBA 2013. At the beginning I had no light on charger and no fan spin, no more historic. I found corrosion on PP3V42_G3H supply, I replaced the bad components and still no light on charger. I tried reflow SMC without success, and I finally had a light on...
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    820-4924-A - Work fine but no image on LCD

    Hello, I have a A1502 with a 820-4924-A that is working well when plugged in Display Port on external display. With internal display plugged in I have no image on it (but still on external display). The Apple Logo on the back cover is ON when the OS boot is over and I have PPVOUT_S0_LCDBKLT =...
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    820-00281-A Critical Update and Touchbar doesn't work

    Boot fine in safe mode but touchbar and backlight keyboard doesn't work (I assume it's normal bc of safe mode). With normal boot the macbook ask me for a critical uptade, tried with wifi, wired cable and I also tried what this guy say on a forum...