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  1. Alan.L

    820-4924 power up late

    the board was liquid damaged, but someone already has cleaned before me. when you plug a MagSafe, the board doesn't start up immediately. you will have to wait approx 1min then will boot normally and it passes apple dialogistic. i can't see any corroded components anywhere under a microscope...
  2. Alan.L

    820-00840 - thunderbolt peripherals isnt working on the USB-C port (B)

    charging is working on both ports, USB thumb & 2.5" external drives is working both ports. but when i try plugging a Belkin thunderbolt ethernet adapter that is closer to the screen hinge isn't working. however, the top port is working with the thunderbolt ethernet adapter. same when i use an...
  3. Alan.L

    820-3476 & 820-3437 stuck on progress bar with AppleCamIN

    both boards will boot to macOS if disabled AppleCameraInterface.kext both boards will boot to macOS if I removed Camera IC (U3900) and enable AppleCameraInterface.kext I've replaced u3900 on both boards but still stuck on AppleCamIN. maybe original u3900 was never bad. any suggestions? bad...
  4. Alan.L

    820-3476 - USB port not working.

    usb2.0 and usb3.0 not working. tried flash drives mouse. 5v present on L4605. 5v present on usb port's power pin. U4650 pin 10 - 3.4v Diode mode on pin 5,6 of J4600 0.641 0.641 Diode mode on USB_EXTA_P and USB_EXTA_N 0.404 0.404 i've replaced U4650, its still the same. USB port looks...
  5. Alan.L

    820-3332 no power after changing palmrest

    have i killed the PCH on this board? it had a bloated battery and the battery has been disconnected. i can power on with MagSafe 2 85w fine . so i took the board out then put in a good chassis with good battery. now it doesn't power up at all with battery nor charger. PP1v05_PCH_VCCIO_S0 has 14...
  6. Alan.L

    820-00165 - wont turn on.

    minor liquid found on U1930. I've replaced and it's still no go. red/green light on the charger but no fan spin. here's are the measurements: ppbus_g3h: 8.59v pp3v42_g3h: 3.42v rtc: 3.3v PP5V_S5: 5v pp3v3_s5: 3.3 pp3v3_s0: 0v -3.3v for a split second then goes 0v. not pulsing. pp1v5_s0: 0v...
  7. Alan.L

    820-3435 - sometime the board doesnt power up with battery plugged.

    the board had prior repair attempted. the board was liquid damaged and was missing an SMC. if I use charger only, the board always turn on fine. if I put a charged battery. turn it on, fan spins, use it as normal, it can charge the battery, passed ASD EFI and ASD OSX. then a couple of hours...
  8. Alan.L

    820-00165 - shutdown when CPU usages on full load.

    the board power up fine, passed apple dialogistic and can goto macOS but when goes to full CPU load after a few seconds, the board will turn off without warning. the board had liquid damage around C7430. but Q7410 and Q7630 were really clean. the back of the board was very clean as well. i went...
  9. Alan.L

    820-00165 - there might be an issue with the camera

    the board was liquid damage on U5620 and U5800, an appeal, replaced these components and now the board boots fine. no high fan and no slowdown. the camera is working fine on photobooth. however, ALS is not working. The apple dialogistic confirmed "there might be an issue with the camera" the...
  10. Alan.L

    820-3435 - long quarter fan spin and CPU Vcore pulses

    hi 2informaticos do you have clean me bios for this board, i couldn't find it anywhere else. spi terminal resistors are all good. The 25k MHz clock signal is there. hopefully isn't smc or CPU problem.
  11. Alan.L

    820-3436 - boot hang intermittent

    pass ASD EFI and Memtest. sometimes it just stops 1/3 of the loading bar. found corrosion on U7501 and corroded pin 10 and pin6. I've replaced this chip and fixed the trace. i also have tried other bios with clean me and its still same.
  12. Alan.L

    820-3476 - new blank serial board.

    Hi 2informaticos, I've received looks to be a new board but hasn't been serialized. I don't have Medusa2 to play with :( and already tried blank board serializer v1.1 but it doesn't work on later boards. I've tried manually hexedit the dump but doesn't have the SSN entry. can you help me...
  13. Alan.L

    3115, ambient air temp sensor error

    the board was liquid damaged, corrosion was on the SMC and u5410 area. it didn't turn on initially, after reflow then replaced SMC from a donor then now the board power up except fan goes high. ASD reports Ambient Air temp error, memory temp errors and a bunch of other temp errors. ASD...
  14. Alan.L

    820-00840 - fan spin. touchpad working. no image/backlight.

    does fan spin. touchpad working.No image, No backlight. No external display, USB light up but no flashing activity. PP3v3_G3H 3.4v vcore 0.9v ppbus 13v all_sys_pwrgd 3.2v 3V3_S5 3.3v PP1V8_S5G 1.8v pp20v 20v minor corrosion on Q7670, u5460 area. oh burnt caps next to u3100, but its giving 20v...
  15. Alan.L

    820-00426 - memtest error.

    Run OSX fine, but an application like Final Cut crashes during encoding. i then run memtest, on last 3/4 stages, there's a lot of errors. worth replacing 32 ram chips? do 1 side at a time and test?
  16. Alan.L

    820-3330 no image

    It chimes with backlight. no image. i also have tried external display and nothing, even with LCD cable unplug. PPvcore_gpu = 0.9v L8360 = 0v (should be 1.36v) - resistance to GND on L8360 is 172 ohms PP3V3_S0GPU = 3.3v GPUVcore_en = 3.3v P3V3GPU_EN = 3.3v PPVIN_S5_HS_GPU_ISNS = 12.58v I've...
  17. Alan.L

    820-00165 magsafe green light goes out after a while

    board was liquid damaged and corrosion was found on u7090, Q7180, Q7130, Q7155. I've replaced all these corroded parts. J9500's pin 19,21 was corroded. I've already replaced this connector. after fully charged the battery, when the light goes green then after approx 30min the green light goes...
  18. Alan.L

    820-00138 PP5V_s0 shorted to ground. RIP CPU?

    customer plugged usb hub and apparently has killed the board. i found out PP5v_s0 is shorted, i then removed Q8060, U4600 and can confirmed PP5V_S0 is definitely shorted. i then injected 5v to PP5v_s0 but nothing gets warm. also my psu has limited 5v on PP5v_s0 to 1.7v :( i think it might...
  19. Alan.L

    00165 - LIO's USB not working

    USB port next to Card reader is working fine, but the USB on the LIO I/O is not working. i've already tried another flex cable and LIO I/O board. USB mouse, USB flash drive doesn't work. J9500 is very clean under the microscope when i plug a usb device, osx will say "device is using too much...
  20. Alan.L

    820-4924 charger problem.

    initially, the board couldn't see the original apple charger but works well with PSU/fake charger. so I changed Q1780 and it still didn't work then I changed ISL and works for a few hours with original apple charger but later on, it stops working. then I changed Q1780 and ISL at the same time in...