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    PFM006 code from apple diagnostics

    howdy, I've been arguing with a board all day long, and I've got most of everything fixed but this SMC error. does anyone know what the difference between PFM001 or 006 or 003 is?
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    [SOLVED]820-3588, asd?

    I brought a late 2013 back to life, but I'm not able to boot off of it, boots really slowly then just hangs with the bar 9/10 of the way through. I can't figure out which ASD works on this one, 155 and 162 are a no go, and booting to diagnostmic mode lets me choose wifi, then choose language...
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    2014 retina SSD?

    I imagine this is a crap shoot, but hey, why not ask! I've got a bad 512gb samsung MX-JPU512T/0A6 in ASD, smart test passes, then test 40 fails. error - random multi-block test failled. drives picks up in system profiler but doesnt show up in disk utility. no signs of liquid damage, but there...
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    820-2879 fan snip no boot

    howdy howdy, from the bottom of the pile, I've got this sucker. no signs of liquid damage, pin 11 of j5100 was burnt off but that's all the damage I can see. mcp_pwrg. beep with no ram, silent with ram, usb mouse no light, mcp_ps_pwrgd present, no spi_mlb_clk.
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    820-3330-B fan spin no boot

    howdy howdy howdy, I've got an 820-3330 that won't boot (no chime, no no-ram beep, no USB mouse lightup), PCH gets nice and toasty and is giving me trash instead of SPI_MLB_CLK. I assume the PCH is fucked, but I'd love for it not to be . help computah!
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    [SOLVED]607-4144-A / 607-6331-A (a1278 wifi module)

    howdy, I've replaced quite a few of these recently and ran out of spares, so I hopped on ebay to grab a few, but good god, are these little things ever expensive. is there a common component that fails on these?
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    820-3330-B with no video

    Howdy, I've got an 820-3330-B with no internal or external video. chimes with a solid sleep LED. all_gpu_good and all_sys_pwrgd present, gmux 3.3 1.2 and 1.8 rails all good, slp signals present. someone already ran jumper wire to bklt pins on lvds, so recall is out of the question
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    820-3332-A chime, no video

    Howdy folks, I've got an 820-3332-A that would work fine in SMC bypass mode, but no chime no video slow fan spin in normal mode. couldn't find anything wrong with it so I slapped a new SMC on it, and now it's chiming but I can't get any video internally or externally. help computer?