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    A good lesson in flux

    Ruby Fluid. It's a liquid flux that's VERY acidic. NOT for electronics use!! - because it's so corrosive / active. But what if you neutralize + clean it all off completely when done soldering? Why bother? I have at most in my shop - a Hakko FM-203 with FM-2027 and the usual assortment of...
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    Macbook Air bad screen - or...??

    This is replacement screen on A1466 macbook Air 820-00165-A. Half the screen image is dim. Did I get a bad screen? O'scope image is of LED_RETURN_1-6. Of all remaining pins - only I2C_TCON_SCL_R = 3.3 VDC. backlight is 24.66 VDC.
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    Parts ordering headaches

    removed post about vendor - issue resolved.