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    A1502 2015 screen

    i have a 2015 A1502 screen thats stuck at max brightness bklt pwm is changing on the board as i lower and raise the brightness i tried changing the lvds cable and same thing has this happend with anyone or is this just a bad screen
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    820-00165 bios

    I have a 820-00165 originally w.d. It would chime then a black screen would appear for around 15 seconds boot is slow and got stuck booting tried cleaning ME no change tried new bios and it was fine after pram reset but currently doesn't have the correct s/n was wondering if you could help me...
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    820-00165 no boot

    i have a 820-00165 board liquid damage originally no backlight replaced lcd connector was in bad shape backlight works didnt boot into mac os got stuck around half way. Tried clean me bios same thing boots into windows smc bypass no change safe mode dosent boot into mac os. Could this still be...
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    3437-B Vcore no boot

    I have a 820-3437-B that has 1.7v on Vcore u6100 is missing spi_mlb_clk when u6100 is off the board i get that signal all spi resistors look good no shorts found on chip lines
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    00165 boots then shuts

    I have a 820-00165 that had liquid damage, after ultrasonic it boots then after a minute or so shuts down. c5001 and c5020 were messed up replaced no change. when it shuts i can short r5115 to turn it back on, tested without keyboard.
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    This board normally takes 0.8 watts but sometimes when it takes 3.5 watts spi_clk goes through 0.4 to 1 volt and repeats all resistors on that line are good and tried clean me bios no change.
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    820-00239 no image

    I have this 820-00239 that turns on cpu gets warm and usb mouse lights up but no image internal or external. backlight chip and 2 caps near it are currently off the board if that matters
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    PPBUS Short 820-00840

    I have a 820-00840 board that has no power, originally customer said it was working and suddenly stopped after a restart, no liquid else than a bit on the ssd connector, put it through the ultra sonic and seems clean. pubs_g3h is shorted to ground with less than 1ohm to ground and shorted to...
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    820-3437-B Choppy Backlight adjustment

    I have a 820-3437-B works fine except when adjusting the backlight brightness it jumps from one brightness setting to the next. Its jerky/choppy vs being a smooth transition. I replaced the backlight chip and no change.
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    Cpu voltage present but no chime/boot

    I have an 820-00165-A board originally got stuck halfway through boot, replaced bios and it worked properly. After checking on it a few months later it now has PPVCC_S0_CPU at 1.8 but doesn't chime/boot and no image, cpu does get slightly warm, takes around 5.5 watts a little over 250mA.