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  1. BMarden

    820-2936 Intermittant Fan Spin

    I have an 820-2936 with Intermittant Fan Spin (no Liquid Damage) PP3V42 - 3.47V PPBUS_G3H -12.58 V PP5V_S5 - 5.0 V PP3V3_S5 - 3.3V PP5V_S3 - 5V then off, 5V then off PP3V3_S3 - 3.3V then off, 3.3V then off I tried new clock chip, same result. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. BMarden

    Random Trackpad on MacBook

    I have been hearing of more and more issues with Macbook Pro 13 2012/13 and random trackpad movements, tried cleaning and PRAM reset, no luck. Has anyone heard of this being HW level issue? No liquid damage to my knowledge. Thanks
  3. BMarden

    [SOLVED]820-2936 ppbus_g3h 16v

    Liquid Damaged 820-2936 no green light, no fan spin. I cleaned up corrosion around ISL6259 , LCDS connector, U5400 and Q5300, Q4262 was corroded and replaced from donor board, a few misc caps and resistors replaced due to corrosion (mostly around U5400 and Q5300). Plugged back in and got Green...
  4. BMarden

    820-2936 Flickering Video, No Audio Device in System Pref

    I have 220-2936, bongs, boots, charges, green light etc, all good. The video flickers a couple time on initial boot and when in full screen video, since its Intel HD (not ATI or NVidia) I'd like to think it may be power instability rather than GPU issue. I replaced C167D and C167E on PP1V05_S0...
  5. BMarden

    [SOLVED]820-2327 (now) have G3H and S5 Rails but no turn on

    I have an 820-2327 (what can I say customer wants to pay to repair) had no green light, no PP3V42 or PPBUS_G3H, I replace D6905 to fix PP3V42, replaced D7010 and ISL6258 to fix PPBUS_G3H, I have PP3V3_S5 (3.3v) and PP1V05_S5 (1.07v), but still will not turn on. Any ideas on where I should look...
  6. BMarden

    820-2936 no PPBUS_G3H

    I have PPDCIN_G3H, I have checked and have no shorts on any S5 rails, I have expected voltages around Q7085 but dead around Q7080. I have PP5V1_CHGR_VDD (5.1) and SMC_BC_ACOK is 2.4V and CHGR_BOOT_R is 4.77V. Have mV pulses on CHGR_UGATE. There is no short on either side of L7030, current...
  7. BMarden

    820-2850 Kernel Panic (go figure)

    I have an 820-2850 experiencing kernel panic, As you have recommended online I replaced C9560 with Poly Cap, scaped pads to fit larger cap, everything went well, no excessive heat required, no other parts burned; Since replacing, I cannot get board to turn on; I have PPBUS_G3H, PP3V42 (and...