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  1. patrickribbsaeter

    Retina 13" 820-4924 - No Display

    820-4924 ( changed the SMC because of another problem with charging the battery and then shit hit the fan. The display stopped working! SMPS = 20v, power up on 400amp, and then stays at 700amp. NO Display Red water marks visible. Small corrossion on two components next to U7700 (backlight IC)...
  2. patrickribbsaeter


    R6905 keeps blowing up before diode D6905 and reaching pp3v42. Any idea why? Its been trolling me for some time now.
  3. patrickribbsaeter

    820-3209 - No image

    Hi Gents, 820-3209A (no image) 19v on SMPS and draws 0.633 amp. So far i have: PP3V3_S0 = 3.3 PP1V8_S0 = 1.8 PP1V5_S3 = 1.5 PP1V5_S0 = 1.5 PPVTTDDR_S3 = 0.680 (my DMM sometimes shows lower voltage) i think its good enough 0.75v.) DDRREG_FB = 1.3 DDREG_EN = 3.3 PPVCCSA_S0_CPU = 0.8...
  4. patrickribbsaeter

    Question for 820-3209...?

    1. U2700 output pin 9. SYS_CLK_25M - --> Question: Does it need to be a 25mhz stable clock frequency here? There is pulsing frequency now. 2. Y2705 Clock. Question: Does it need to be a stable 25MHZ frequency here? There is pulsing frequency now.
  5. patrickribbsaeter

    820-3209 (8.2v on F7040)

    New details. The board is getting warm, but no booting. The board is in S0 state. Have so far many rails: SMPS = 19V, 0.198 AMP 1. PPBUG3H = 8.20v 2. PPVRTC = 3.3V 3. PP5V_SO = 5V 4. SYSCLK_CLK32K_RTC = 32.768 MHZ 5. SYSCLK_CLK25M_SB = 25 MHZ 6. CPUIMVP_VR_ON = 3.3V 9. ALL_SYS_PWRGD = 3.3V 10...
  6. patrickribbsaeter

    820-3332 (R6920 is Burning hot)

    Hi, 820-3332 Macbook retina 15" been working on the board for some time now, and it seems new problems keep coming up. currently R6920 which is a 47 ohm resistor for (PPDCIN_G3H_ISOL) ITS BURNING HOT. its boiling.. and ive changed it twice.. I do get the greenlight on charger with 0.260mA...
  7. patrickribbsaeter

    Macbook retina 15" 820-3662

    1. The audio was crackling and making bizarre sounds. Now after taking out the motherboard there is NO audio/sound at all coming out of the speakers. 2. The sound icon is blurred out. No water damage. Anyone had the same problem? UPDATE: 1. I found corrosion on Audio codec IC U6200, 5v on...
  8. patrickribbsaeter

    pp3v42 not coming on.

    Green light is missing. R6905 pin 1 = 19v, Pin 2: 0.027mv What is pulling it down? I have changed the D6905 and same problem. could it be the chip U6990 that is pulling it down? ive changed that one as well. I removed all the caps connected to ground under U6990. any ideas pls why R6905...
  9. patrickribbsaeter

    820-00165 Missing PP5v_S4RS3

    Macbook Air 820-00165 History: problem with PP3v42 and water damage. I fixed the problem and put the board into ultrasonic cleaning and after the ultrasonic cleaning, the board doesn't work. I have: PP3v42 = 3.42v PP5v_s5 = 5v PP3v3_s5 = 3.3v PPVRTC = 3.3v PP5v_S4RS3 = Missing!!! 0v...
  10. patrickribbsaeter

    Macbook Air - 820-00165 / No green Light!

    Hi guys, need your help. Want to take this repair step by step with your help and hopefully solve it. Macbook Air, no green light. Customer said the laptop just died for no apparent reason. What to check first? I have no voltage on this pin 1.
  11. patrickribbsaeter

    Measure Resistance To Ground?

    Hi everyone, which is the correct way to measure resistance to ground for a COIL? Is it BLACK PROBE on ground or RED PROBE on ground?
  12. patrickribbsaeter

    820-3332-A Macbook Pro Retina 15" Shorted on PPBUS_G3H

    Hi, have a customers Macbook pro retina 15" 820-3332-A I have pp3v42(green and yellow light) on the charger. No water damage, computer just shut off for customer L7030 > Pin 2 outputs 1.5v. R7020 pin2 only 16.5v. U7000 pin3(AC IN 3.8v) update: it seems u7000 is shorted. The IC its burning hot...
  13. patrickribbsaeter

    iPHone 6 Plus - No image/no touch and wont start/charge with USB charger.

    iPHone 6 Plus - No image/no touch and wont start/charge with USB charger. I have grey backlight n the screen. The screen is brand new , tested with two screen and same thing. NO IMAGE! I've checked for short on all components, but nothing gets hot. I have 1.8v on Reset signal on U1501 L1500 pin...
  14. patrickribbsaeter

    Macbook Pro 13" - 820-3115-B - No Backlight on Screen

    Hi, i have a customer computer who spilled juice on the keyboard. Some small areas have been cleaned on motherboard with isopropanol. 1. I have green light and FAN spin on motherboard. 2. NO CHIME 3. NO IMAGE Any suggestions? thanks
  15. patrickribbsaeter

    Macbook air 820-3437 No Sound / icon showing

    Hey everyone. have a problem with Macbook Air 820-3437 1. No chime 2. Audio icon showing Computer works fine otherwise. Any suggestions? thank you
  16. patrickribbsaeter

    Macbook Air - Fan Spins high after changing keyboard chassi.

    I changed the keyboard chassi on a customer Macbook Air. Now after that change the FAN spins high.. I have tried to reset the SMC, PRAM, NVRAM without any success. What could be the problem?
  17. patrickribbsaeter

    No Backlight / Screen on Macbook Air 820-3437

    I have checked J8300 Pin 18 & 19. and get No 3.3v... Where should I start now to trace back and troubleshoot to find the problem for lcd backlight? thx
  18. patrickribbsaeter

    820-2779 - No backlight on LCD

    CORRECT MOTHERBOARD NR: 820-2879 820-2879 - No backlight on LCD... Where should I start to measure? 1. Computer starts up. I have fan spin and chime. But no image! The screen is black, no apple logo when using light on the screen. 2. I have 12,6v on F9800 (for PPBUS_S0_LCDBKLT. 3. R9715 shows...
  19. patrickribbsaeter

    No backlight on LCD - 820-3437 Macbook Air

    No backlight on LCD - 820-3437 Macbook Air.. Its been water damaged. Where to start. The motherboard starts. I have green light and fan spin. The apple logo on LCD cannot be seen. The screen is black.' Where to start now?
  20. patrickribbsaeter

    [SOLVED]iMac Retina 27" - Fan goes high and air in the back of computer!

    I changed the screen on my customers iMac retina 27". And now after the swap, the fans start to goes super high. Does anyone know why or what the problem could be? 1. i have tried resetting PRAM. NVRAM. Still same problem. thanks for your feedback. Attached is an image.