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    Macbook Pro A1706---820-00239

    the Amp meter shows 20v- 0.06A Resistance To Ground for the big coils: L7030 = 292 L8410 = 1074 L7660 = 341 L7600 =409 L3500 = 150 PPDCIN_G3H_CHGR = 20 V PPVBAT_G3H_REG = 13 V PPBUS_G3H = 13 V PP5V_S4 = 0 Volt PP3V3_S5 = 3.3 Volt P3V3G3h = 4.9 V !!!! 3V0_G3H = 3 V
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    MacBook pro 820-3787-A

    the macbook start normal untel i put the password stay 1 min and restart with black screen if i turn it off and start it again the mac work normaly and after 1 min repeat the problem. i change the pasta under the heatsink but nothing change. i dont know from where can i start to measure in this...
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    820-00165 NO PICTURE

    LITTLE WATER ON U1950 AND U7701 EFTER CLEAN I HAVE THIS MEASURMENT FIRST COIL RESISTANT L7130 112 ohm , L7520 424 ohm , L7560 3.7 ohm , L7630 115 ohm , L7310 11 ohm , L7320 12ohm PPBUS_G3H 8.6 VOLT , PP3V42_G3H 3.4 VOLT , PP5V_S4 5VOLT , PP3V3_S5 3.3 VOLT PM_BATLOW_L 0 VOLT (NOT ON)...
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    Macbook Pro A1398(820-3787-A) Backlight problem

    i changed the J8300 because there is short in all 5 capacitors C8300 and C7717/18/19/16 I Put Connector from A1466 but the short in the capacitors gone but the backlight problem not gone. i made my measurements for Voltage on F7700 12 volt -- Q7706 (pin 3 LCDBKLT_EN_L11.7 volt -pin 4 12 v...
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    Macbook Pro A1990-820-01814 Dead

    usb c Amp meter shows 20v - 0.05 to 20v-0.26 then 20v-0.01 mA efter 2 sec PPbus_G3H 12.6 Volt PP5_G3s 5V PP3V3_G3h 3.3 Volt PP3V3_G3H_RTC_X 3.3 Volt Voltage on L8410/D8410 0 Volt PP3V3_S5 0 Volt Voltage On L7030 changed quickly up and down Resistance to ground on L7030 423 ohm L7701 137...
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    Macbook pro A1706

    the fans spin and all the general voltage present but the Voltages not present on: L7430 L7410 L7420 the usb amp meter start from 20v , 0.23A then the amp goes to 0.01 then return back to 0.23 there is no picture and the capslock not light. if i connect the battery the Amp goes to 2.9 A but...
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    i have 820-3437-B the fan start every 1 sec and stop then i try to clean it with brush and alkohol and iam sure no component missed efter cleaning there is no green and orange light, i check this voltage and resistance... pp3v3-s5-reg 0.36 volt pp5_s4rs3 014 volt pp3v42_g3h 3.4 volt pp5v_s5...
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    820-00840 1st usb c port not work

    i have macbook pro A1708 with 1.2 volt on the fuse near U3200 and when i put usb amp meter the light flash without any reading the 2nd usb c work good and the computer work good i want to ask if i change the usb c port solve this problem. thanks
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    Hi I have 820-165 with water damaged there is 2 resistors 1k ohm missed from board ( R5283 and R5296) these voltage PP3V3_S0 , SMC_TOPBLK_SWP_L , PCH_STRP_TOPBLK_SWP_L on the 2 resistors. is it reason for the computer too slow in installation system thanks
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    Macbook Air A1466 - 820-00165 Not detect ssd

    I changed logic board and the newboard cant detect ssd i have external usb hd and when i put it in usb port with out booting from it the motherboard detect the ssd and when i remove the usb drive the motherboard cant detect it again i think something in the bios but i dont have idea to update...