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  1. iant419

    Anybody here have success with Keto and Intermittent fasting like I have?

    OMAD nice. Yeah, that's intermittent fasting for sure. I bet a lot of people tell you that's really unhealthy lol.
  2. iant419

    best place to buy hakko tips?

    Would be nice to know what model you have. But I found this cheap assorted tip set for hakko fx-951 off of amazon. It's 10pc knockoff and figured they'd be junk but I can't even tell the difference when using them for the last 2 weeks...
  3. iant419

    New to this work and frustrated sourcing donor boards that are two weeks away.

    I was hoping to get some advice on sourcing donor boards. It seems like it's aliexpress or ebay. Seems like they all get walked here from china and the rare sellers that have them in the west charge significantly more. Any advice on getting boards?