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  1. 2informaticos

    820-00165 No Power

    Did you test the board alone on the desk? Disconnect anything, keep only 5 pins power cable.
  2. 2informaticos

    820-01041 not turning on

    It should work. Make stock of scrap boards, if you plan to stay in business with Apple stuff.
  3. 2informaticos

    820-00426 In S0, No Power

    Pufff. Do you get ALL_SYS_PWRGD, a pulse at least?
  4. 2informaticos


    Yes, Medusa has a jumper configuration to disable GPU; check its pdf manual. Don't forget to remove one of R8904/11 first. And do NOT make PRAM reset. Set EFI password, to avoid accidental PRAM reset.
  5. 2informaticos

    doesn't turn on a1278 3115b

    Use original 60/85W Magsafe 1 charger. Trigger SMC_ONOFF_L and check for drop pulse at PM_PWRBTN_L.
  6. 2informaticos

    8203787 won't turn on

    First of all, welcome to the forum. We need some voltages and signals from power on sequence. Magsafe light should switch faster from green to amber (in seconds). Post exact voltage for PPBUS_G3H and 3V3_S5/SUS, if appear.
  7. 2informaticos

    820-00165 (2.2Ghz i7) running a little too hot.

    Do PRAM reset and test with USB macOS.
  8. 2informaticos

    A1229 Voltages and Magsafe

    You can touch PM_PWRBTN_L ball under U4900; use fine tip multimeter probes. If you catch drop pulse there, when triggering SMC_ONOFF_L, the the problem is on U2300 side.
  9. 2informaticos

    820-00928-A not turning on

    Post in english please. I didn't understand previous post...
  10. 2informaticos

    820-00165 No Power

    Looks like bad U8020. Post diode mode to ground at 3V3_SUS.
  11. 2informaticos

    820-00426 In S0, No Power

  12. 2informaticos

    820-01041 not turning on

    Remove it and test the board. Replace it, if available.
  13. 2informaticos

    doesn't turn on a1278 3115b

    2.7V is perfect. Board still doesn't turn on?
  14. 2informaticos

    820-3462-A A1425 Doesn't see ssd

    SSD data lines have series caps. Did you check diode mode on the PCH's side of them? You can also check the other side, when SSD is connected.
  15. 2informaticos

    820-0045-A Not Power On

    Check for short to ground on all secondary power supplies (big coils).
  16. 2informaticos

    820-00426 In S0, No Power

    So you get even CPU core now. Check PLT_RESET_L.
  17. 2informaticos

    820-00165 No Power

    Post P3V3SUS_EN voltage. U8020 gets correct 3V3_S5?
  18. 2informaticos

    A1229 Voltages and Magsafe

    Do you get steady voltage at L7320/60? Do you have schematic/boardview for LIO board? Still missing Magsafe light?
  19. 2informaticos

    820-01521 air retina stuck at 5V 0A

    Looks like bad ISL9240, change it.
  20. 2informaticos

    A2141 820-1700 Running slow, Liquid damage

    "4 - ~12v jumping down to 9/7V" PPBUS_G3H is not steady? How the machine works then?