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    820-00165 missing PM_SLP_S4_L

    Hi. I have a 820-00165 which had a burnt J3501. This has now been removed. Not sure how this happened and why it burnt as no other components have been effected. I've also remove the JTAG as this had a small amount of corrosion and I've replaced C3287, R3561, C3560 & U3560 just for giggles...
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    820-01041 U9850 problems

    Hi Can any confirm if the U9850 on the above board has firmware. I have 2 identical board here with the same problem no internal image/backlight and I purchased from AliExpress 5 x CBTL06142EEE and it still not working. I've read mix posts on different forums about it having firmware. Thanks
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    820-00281- PP3V3_G3H showing 2.2volts [SOLVED]

    I have the above, clean as a whistle no liquid damage at all anywhere on the board. USB showing 5v. Checked PP3V3_G3H and it was 0v shorted to ground. Located C7081 to be problem, replaced and now PP3V3_G3H shows 2.2v. Removed R6923 and pin 1 is 3.42v so that problem is on the board side...
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    820-00840 not working from the battery [SOLVED]

    I have the above which had mild liquid damage around the board which has now been fix and the logicboard is working but my problem is the battery. It will work with both the power lead and battery connected or just the power lead but if I pull the power lead out with the battery connected it...
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    820-00923 Missing CPU-VCORE

    Liquid damaged 820-00923 using 820-00293 Schematics and BV. I have all rails present apart from the following : PPVCC_S0_CPU PPVCCGT_S0_CPU PPVCCEDRAM_S0_CPU PP0V6_S0_DDRVTT I believe the last 2 won't have any voltages until the top 2 are working. Both the top 2 come from the U7100 I've...