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  1. brunomotter

    820-3115 Quarter Fan Spin

    Hello guys. Got an 820-3115 with quarter fan here. As I'm not familiar with this symptom I'm stuck. Got steady PPBUS_G3H, steady PP3V42_G3H, pulsing DDR Voltage and pulsing PCH VCORE, no pulsing on CPU VCORE though. Replaced RTC chip just in case, still same. Steady 3.3V on PPVRTC. There was a...
  2. brunomotter

    Does Anyone Have A 820-3637 Board to Measure 2 Resistors For Me?

    Hello guys. Anyone got an 820-3637 Mac Pro TrashCan board to measure 2 resistors for me? I need to replace them as they got heavily corroded and I could not measure them. If so, I can sen a picture from what I need!
  3. brunomotter

    820-00165 Corrosion Near U3710 No Power

    Hello all. I got a board that was not powering on. After inspection I found corrosion around U3710. Put some flux on it, set my TR1300 station to 350 Celsius with medium airflow and gave it some heat. After 20 seconds or so the top layer seemed to pop and went back into position. I tried...
  4. brunomotter

    [SOLVED]820-2936 Intermitent VCORE

    Hello guys, got an 820-2936 board here that came in December with no VCORE. I replaced some caps and the board came back to life. Last week the costumer brought the machine back again with no VCORE. I replaced U2800 as sometimes it's the culprit of that kind of problem and checked R7402. Same...
  5. brunomotter

    820-00165 in S0, No PP1V05_S0 and VCORE

    Hello! This board came here with no power. It had a sticky layer of some undefined substance all over it, like a kind of oil or something. In the beginning the fan was spinning for a few seconds and then die and would do same thing if pressed power button but no fan spin/stop loop if no battery...
  6. brunomotter

    [SOLVED]820-01987 Minor Liquid Damage 5V on charger

    Hello. Got an 820-01987 board here with liquid spill. Originally liquid was near U6903 and C10G1. I cleaned everything, gave a nice reflow with lots of Amtech flux on U6903 and still cannot get charger to negotiate 20V. Both ports give 5V stuck. U6903 is responsible for RTC, but there are no...
  7. brunomotter

    820-00165 No Power

    Hello. Got an 820-00165 board here with no power. It had little corrosion around U8020, so I removed the IC, cleaned everything and replaced the IC. Still no power. I get a little low voltage on R8020. It should be 3.42V but I get only 2.9~3V. Replaced the IC a lot of times already and same...
  8. brunomotter

    [SOLVED]820-00426 In S0, No Power

    Hello. Got an 820-00426 board here. No liquid damage, board looks perfectly fine, no corrosion at all and nothing getting hot. I get all voltages from page 84 up to PPVTT_S0_DDR. From that down the list nothing is present. PP1V05_S0 is reading low. It starts at 0.1V and goes slowly up to around...
  9. brunomotter

    820-00850 No Power

    hello dudes! got an interesting board here. 820-00850 board. had short to GND on L7660. injected 1V there and found a shorted cap C7895. removed and short gone. board still does not power on. some ports take 20V, some 5V, no other shorts. no liquid damage. when 20V on charger, I get around 2V on...
  10. brunomotter

    820-3208 Quarter Fan Spin

    hey guys! 820-3208 here with quarter fan spin. Repeating every 5 seconds or so... Giver a little spin on fan and turns off. PPBUS_G3H 8.37V steady. Already checked current sensing resistors around U7000 and all them read correctly. No broken traces around it too... Replaced RTC chip and verified...
  11. brunomotter

    820-2936 No Power

    Hello. Got an 820-2936 here that got fried by knockoff charger. ISL6269 was fried, Q7030 and Q7035 also fried. SMC is fried like KFC. I replaced ISL, replaced both mosfets and verified all current sensing resistors near ISL. Also replaced D6990, U6990 and Q7080 as they looked suspicious. At the...
  12. brunomotter

    820-00292 No Power

    Hello! Got a 5K Late 2015 iMac here with no power. Tested with a known good PSU and nothing. No LEDs light up and no signs of life. I cannot find the schematics for that board anywhere not even for sale... Anyone here has the schematics for a board that has similar layout? The board had...
  13. brunomotter

    820-3787 Burning Batteries

    Hello! Got an 820-3787 here with a strange symptom! It was not turning on. I found a shorted cap near J5250 area, cleaned the area and replaced the cap and the board tuned on. No corrosion at all nowhere over the board but the J5250 area. I replaced the battery with a new one because the...
  14. brunomotter

    820-3115 Quarter Fan Spin

    Hello! Got an 820-3115 here with quarter fan spin. Already verified all current sensing resistors around ISL area, replaced ISL, replaced clock chip but no luck. I get steady 3.3V on L7220 and steady 12.54V on PPBUS_G3H. Get a sparkle of 5V on L7260 when quarter fan spin. Already verified all...
  15. brunomotter

    820-00281 Was not Turning On, Now Does Not Turn Off (Gives KP)

    Hi all! First I'm glad I'm now part of this forum. The issue is with an 820-00281 board here. Initially it was not turning on. I figured out that the battery was bad and C4403 was shorted to GND. I replaced that cap and the board turned on without battery. I ordered a new battery and installed...