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  1. Glenn

    820-00164 no power

    Hello. Im working on a 820-00164 board it will not power on. I have green light in magsafe. When measuring PP5V_S4RS3 it is unstabel and gose from 0V - 3V - 0V - 3V Same with PVCC_S0_CPU its go from 0 too around 1,5V then drop again
  2. Glenn

    820-2533 no chime, no pictures

    working on a old 820-2533 with no pictures, no backlight and no chime. I don't know history off board but found some a little area with water damage (around u6990 replace u6990 and the capacitor straight with and cleaned area) Still no pictures no chime no backlight. When I remove the ram it...
  3. Glenn

    [SOLVED]820-3536 keyboard issues

    Hello. I'm sitting with a 820-3536 board with keyboard issue. 9 O L . and @ dosent respond. I have replace new keyboard connector and tried know good working keyboard with same result. Question dos anybody know witch pin on j4813 or U4801 that create signal for those.
  4. Glenn

    820-3462 not always power on

    I have a liquid damaged 820-3462 board here, it's liquid damage around smc I have cleaned up all nasty resistor and capacitors. The board is not always powering it's like depending on witch day it is.. Could it be bad smc?
  5. Glenn

    820-00875 no pictures

    Have a 820-00875 board with out pictures on screen. any idea where to start? i have backlight. smc reset dosent fixit. no sign for water damage. i dont know any history except that the customer mean that screen working on extern screen.
  6. Glenn

    820-3437 missing ppvrtc_g3h

    have a 820-3437 Logic board with short on ppvrtc_g3h. I removed u1900 still short. Try to inject voltage (3V) but it only draw0.190A so around 0.58W. Any tips to next step? Ppvrtc only give 1,3ohm. it is liquid damage. Good cleaned before I got it..
  7. Glenn

    820-3536 no chime no display

    Liquid damage around C7373 fixed problem cpu Vore present 1,8V Light in usb mouse No pictures on external screen U1950 pin 8 3,4V any idea?
  8. Glenn

    Samsung ssd

    Need some hjelp to identify the name off the chip on this Samsung ssd disk.
  9. Glenn

    [SOLVED]820-3536 no pic no light no chime

    working on a 820-3536 card liquid damage. liquid damages around pch area, u1900 area and i have replace keyboard connecter for missing pin 5 on it. i have light on usb mous. No pictures on external screen (using mini display port) Have trayd PRAM reset with no luck Have cleaned card in the UC...
  10. Glenn

    820-2936 backlight flashing

    working on a 820-2936. when board is only connected lcd the backlight flash instead off wiving flashin folder. ( when i connect all cable i get no pictures and dark screen (only light in apple logo) any idea? Have trayd know good lcd and new ram. i have pictures...
  11. Glenn

    Sorry Folks, iPhone 7 Home Buttons Aren’t User Replaceable
  12. Glenn

    [SOLVED] 820-2390 GPU or Mux (it's the screen!)

    What is happening here? Bad gpu, mux or lvds ?
  13. Glenn

    The Next iPhone Could Put 15,000 Repair Companies Out of Business
  14. Glenn

    820-3332 with strange pictures

    Have this 820-3332 logic board. What is happening here? have tray`d to replace LVDS connector and resloder the u8900 but still the same. (pictures is taken up/down) Any one with any idea? dukefawks larossmann 2informaticos
  15. Glenn

    820-3437 no chime, no usb

    Have a 820-3437-a logic board thad dont chime when power up have triad pram reset whit out luck also i dont have light on usb mouse. Where to start?
  16. Glenn

    829-3437 not power up

    Have a 820-3437 logic board that won't power up. have orange light on magsafe. ppbus_g3h only give 4,35V Q7130 pin2 16,58 u7100 1 ) 0v 2 ) 16,26v 3 ) 4.41v 9 ) 0,036v 12 ) 3.39v 13 ) 3.39v 14 ) 3.36v 17) 4.12v 18) 4.12v 15 ) 0.028v 19 ) 5.158v 20 ) 5.163v 26 ) 16.35v 27) 16.59v 28) 16.59v...
  17. Glenn

    820-3115 not power on short

    Sitting with a 820-3115 logic board with liquid damage around u3890 area and j6995. it have short on PP3V42_G3H (i lift the L6995 and injectt 3,2V) but can't find something that been heatet up (i only get 0.23A on the PSU) have also replace the u7000
  18. Glenn

    [SOLVED]820-3115 P5VS3_LL shorted?

    sitting here whit another 820-3115 on P5VS3_LL i measure 0.010 in diode mode that is ground? (i think it should been around 0.138) have tray to remove u7200 C7290 C7291 C7293 and q7260 and still have the same can anybody pleas tell me next step?
  19. Glenn

    820-3115 wont power

    Have a 820-3115 that wont power up. Have green/orange light in magsafe ppbus_g3h: 12.49V PP5V_S5 : 5V Missing s4 trace (History the owner just told me that it died under OS install) no sign off water damage.
  20. Glenn

    a1278/1286 glass replacement

    When you replace glass on a a1278 or 1286 how do you do to not get a lot of dust behind? some machine for room cleaning ? just air flow?