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    820-00840 No Power (weird one)

    Have an 820-00840 for no power no liquid whatsoever no signs of drop damage either. When I first got it in, it had no PP3v3_G3H. Was missing enable so replaced U7000 and PP3v3_G3H came back but no 20 volts on DC-in. Replaced both CD3215's, and now, this one is weird. It will show 5 volts on DC...
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    820-00164 No Charging/Run off battery/start off battery.

    So this one was a refurbished board from some other company and they replaced A LOT of stuff at least 30 components or so. Rework near DC in, PP3v42 area, BKLT area, bottom right back corner of the board, PP3v3_SUS circuit, and a few other areas. Nothing near ISL or SMC. The problem with this...
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    820-3332 Display Issue

    Ok so this one is PITA. Came in no previous work done to it no liquid. No external or internal display. Resoldered U8900, external display is back; however, I could see image just no backlight. Replaced Q9707, Q9706, C9712/3 (ended up the culprits), and backlight came back. However, I get no...
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    820-3435 No Charging MESS

    I have a major major PITA one that I need help with. For sure, sees and runs off of a known good battery. Came in with "possible previous liquid damage" but it looks like a refurb board to me (edge bonding on CPU was heated and on some other chips as well). Originally, R7180 was knocked loose...
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    Stencils for reballing the CD3215 chips.

    Does anyone have a preference on what stencils to use for reballing the CD3215's? Any and all help is appreciated thanks
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    820-00281 Bootlooping on right side of the board

    So got an interesting one not sure where to look. I've fixed a few touchbars, but this one came is super clean for no power. Basically the problem is this device has 5 volts on DC in but it bootloops on one side of the board. When you plug in a USB connector to JB500 (left side port) you get 5...
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    820-00875 New reason for 5 volts on DC in!

    Hello guys I just want to share this with you. 5 volts on DC in can be many things even related to TBT! This board came in previously ultrasoniced by another shop, and the only burned circuit was the U2890 circuit for USBC. The charge ICs were clean! Repaired the circuit now if fires up! Just...
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    [SOLVED]820-4924 R7020 on fire no matter what.

    Ok so I'm stumped, and I'm sure it may be something dumb I'm overlooking, but this board came in with liquid around the SMC, clock chip, and a backlight chip. Cleaned areas of corrosion no problem nothing concerned me that much. Currently getting no light on the charger and R7020 is on fire. I...
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    820-00164 SMC_RESET_L issue.

    Ok so this one has me confused unless the SMC is causing this. Board came in badly liquid damaged replaced many components too this point. Original corrosion definitely around SMC reset IC and SMC as well as many other things. Board has now been ultrasoniced to rule out flux under SMC. PPBUS is...
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    820-3437 3.1 volts on DC in very weird one.

    Board came in very liquid damaged. Replaced everything on the top of the board for 3v42, replaced Q7010, R7012 (was blown), the ISL and all controller fets (thinking it could pull DC in down as it did on a board I fixed yesterday), and ultrasoniced. Also touched up J9500 area of corrosion, and...
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    820-00923 Dead Sodomized by Liquid.

    Came in destroyed by liquid. J4501 destroyed SMC has crap all under it and liquid around CPU. Resistance between CPU Vcore and PPBUS is 7 ohms. Is this trash or worth looking at?
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    820-3476 1 volt on PPBUS_G3H

    We got this board in with a green light turning orange but no fan spin. The board was liquid damaged around U7090, the bottom left corner of the board near Q7155, the SMC RESET IC, and BADLY by the ISL6259. Reflowed areas of corrosion and replaced almost any component left of the ISL as well as...
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    820-3332 Computer Shut Down Because of Problem Message.

    Ok so this seemed like a simple U8900 issue fix, and after touching it up two days ago, the issue of it crashing on boot went away and for an entire day, the Mac was working fine would boot normal then shutdown normal no issue at all. NOW, it's not good. The battery, for one, says service...
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    Using TL866 programmer on a Mac.

    Hey guys so down the line I plan on getting into the TL866 and the BIOS programming stuff. I use a loaded 2015 13" Retina for my daily use with boardview and schematics, but it appears the TL866 works with Windows OS only. I was curious if anyone has tried to use Paralells desktop with the TL866...
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    820-3435 Missing PM_SLP_S4_L

    Ok so this one came in most likely ultrasoniced before hand. Measured around and found all rails present up till PP5V_S4RS3 PPBUS: 8.58 3V42: 3.41 VRTC_G3H: 3.3 and steady 5V_S5: 5 volts 3V3_S5: 3.3 volts The only corrosion I found remaining on the board was on U7600. Replaced it because of...
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    Have you ever seen this?!?!

    This thing is fully functional but....have you ever seen this?!?!?
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    820-00245 No Power

    Got this Mac in company said they replaced the battery and had no power. I get 1.7 volts on CPU VCore, but I get no chime no screen light anything. The CPU gets REALLY warm. Is this trash or where do I begin? This is the 1st 12" I've ever opened.
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    820-3462 - No Keyboard or Trackpad recognized in the OS.

    Hey guys got an interesting one in. This device powers on and works normally, but the keyboard and trackpad are not recognized in the OS. The power button does work on any keyboard I try to turn the machine on and off, but no matter what keyboard or trackpad I use, the machine will come up with...
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    How to approach heat gunned crap

    Serious question, if you get in a Mac that the CPU/GPU/PCH was visibly destroyed by an idiot with a heat gun, what do you guys do/charge? I’m thinking 100 minimum diag fee.
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    820-3435 Tries to turn on can't, quarter spin

    Board came in previously ultrasonically cleaned but not super well. There was remanence of corrosion on the bios on pins 7 and 8. Touched up soldering and have continuity from pins 7 and 8 to their corresponding spots. Measured around a bit and noticed PPVRTC_G3H would kind of jump between 3.3...