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    A1398 - 820-3787A - no P5VS4_EN 23mA current consumption

    Board is not powering ON, PPBUS, PP5V_S5, and PP3V3_S5 are present. PP5V_S4 and P5VS4_EN are not present. I have bypassed the SMC. I could see the fan running at high speed for few seconds and repeating. And the PP5V_S4 is also present. Can I know how can I proceed? Br Manu
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    A502 - 2014 display moving stripes

    Please find attached picture , there are moving stripes vertically and horizontally on the screen. I have replaced the motherboard and display LVDS cable , still the issue exist, it's not always but sometimes. The last thing remaining to change is the full display, do you guys think it's...
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    820-00239-09 - A1706 continues chime sound

    Before removing the motherboard I could see 20V and 2.80Ampere current. Continues to chime sound (Not very loud) when I open the lid. Sometimes (I think after SMC reset) I can see an apple logo coming and going without backlight. I have removed the logic board the current/power consumption is...
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    A1502 not powering on but fan runs at full speed..

    My a1502 2014 model logic board is not turning on , but fan is running with full speed , no display, no chime sound, Here is the voltage details. PPBUS_G3H - 12.75V PP3V3_S5 - 3.350 V PP3V42_G3H - 3.42V PP5_S5_LDO - 5.057V PP5V_S4 - this rail is not stable , it's coming and going every 2 sec...