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  1. Nick

    820-00923 no screen no touchbar

    got a pre worked on 820-00923, they replaced c7053 c7055 r8442 and edp connector. fan spin and all. no idea why they replaced all of that, they usc it so i have no clue remaining. i saw more oxidation on u8500 and u8501, repalced those to be sure but still no panel_3v3_en and panel p5v_en
  2. Nick

    a1502 trackpad not woking

    hi got an a1502 820-3476 that had wd trackpad. customer replaced it but it didn't work. i tried another one and same, tried a known good one from another machine and still doesn't work. the button works fine. keyboard works fine. cable is brand new. no oxide on the motherboard and anywhere else...
  3. Nick

    820-2533-b no magsafe light

    hi, got this board that had a short on pp3v42_g3h near smc. very oxided. no oxidation anywhere else. received a good bath in my crest. the shorted caps were C4902 and c4905. i have no fan spin not even shorting smcon naturally, but i do not even have magsafe light. i tried another magsafe...
  4. Nick

    820-2850 kernel panic even after replacing C9560

    brand new cap. used an old cap from a ps3, tried a ceramic. same stuff. doesn't solve the kernel panic. what could it be?
  5. Nick

    820-2879 gren light no fan spin. missing 5v

    got a 820-2879 that got previusly worked on anyway, i do not fully understand how u7200 operates here, but it is not opening the 5v mosfets q7260 and q7261 to create 5v_s3_ll all 3v are present pp5vs5_ldo is present pp5vs3 is missing of course, it does not seem shorted to gnd
  6. Nick

    missing PM_SLP_S5_L on a 820-4924a

    no liquid damage signs anywhere, not dropped. at first all rails were present, cpu becoming warm but no spin. after a bit it went worse. 5vs5 and 3.3sv5 present, but PM_SLP_S5_L so no 5vs4. no corrosion sign anywhere.
  7. Nick

    820-3476-A chime no image, crazy fan spin

    hi, got a 280-3476-A with no liquid damage and reportedly never dropped. i got chime but no image (not backlight problem) not even on hdmi. after a while of being turned on the fan spins like crazy, i never had this behaviour before so what should i look for?
  8. Nick

    A1278 error loading kernel cache 0x9

    Got an A1278 that had corrupted efi. Flashed new one with old serial and me region. New hard drive cable, no success installing os. Internet recovery gives error -1001f Cmd + s gives error loading kernel cache 0x9 Any idea?
  9. Nick

    820-2915-b , pp3v3_s4 low voltage, no trackpad no keyboard error booting

    hi, i got a 820-2915-b with a recently replaced gpu. the machine works fine but had previous light water damage on keyboard. replaced it but still no keyboard or trackpad, pp3v3_s4 is at 1.78v with or without trackpad/keyboard connected , measure 1.98Kohm to ground. what could cause this and...
  10. Nick

    ip6 no service

    Iphone 6, no known water damage, came in dead replaced Tristar short on VCC_MAIN found on C3221_RF, replaced from donor board phone boots, everything works fine but no service. SIM is recognized, *#06# shows IMEI, gps wifi bt all works reballed BB_CPU with short jumper on V1 and long jumper...
  11. Nick

    5c gyroscope after Sage replacement

    Hi, had a 5c with a bad history. Came in with a destroyed screen, changed that but came back you touch problems, replaced the touch connector, improved a little but still bad, I replaced the Sage IC from another dead 5c i had around, there was lot of corrosion under it. Now touch works perfectly...
  12. Nick

    A1460 iPad 4 botched touch repair

    Hi, I am fixing an iPad 4 with a botched repair on the lower touch flex connector. it came with some wires soldered up and then cut. removing the ruined connector showed the missing pads. I highlighted in red the ones completely ripped off on which I ran wires on the other side's test pads...
  13. Nick

    iPhone 6 weird no touch issue

    Hi i have an ip6 that came in with a wrecked lcd. after changing it everything ran smoothly, the customer came back after a week or so saying the touch has problems. it appears to be working completely fine, but if you lock and then unlock the phone is stops working. locking and unlocking it...
  14. Nick

    [SOLVED]820-2914-B asd

    Hi. I have this 2010 pro. Customer said he got gifted this machine without hdd. Asked me to install a ssd. Installation of the os stops abruptly after internet recovery with a white screen and fan at 100%/top cause hot. i suspected it was a GPU issue and I found the gpu and vram covered in...
  15. Nick

    samsung wifi problems

    Hi i got a Samsung A5 (sm-a500fu board) that has an erratic working wifi, conenct disconnect, work fine, can't find network etc no software problem is there any known IC that can cause these issues on the board? thx
  16. Nick


    So Tesla is basically Apple for cars? hell i smell a new business
  17. Nick

    Apple did it again...

    ios 11. not working with China and co LCDs. yay.. anyone having troubles with this already?
  18. Nick

    laptop disconnecting power when fully charged

    hey fellas i got this acer with a weird issue, it works fine with both charger and battery, but when the battery is fully charged it switches on battery power, screen goes darker and it doesn't take power from the psu. once the battery drops to 99% it reconnect the charger, charge up to 100%...
  19. Nick

    Data recovery out from some REALLY old phones

    This woman came with a BOX of these old broken phones. She wanted to get the pictures out saying that they were memories etc. Anyways i managed to get most of these working beside 2. Most of them had Bluetooth or IR port. Now i am left with 3 of them that have no pc interface whatsover, no IR no...
  20. Nick

    short under CPU asus i7

    Hello, back from vacancy i got an i7 with dedicated ghraphics card that needs fixing. the shop said that the power jack was broken and they replaced it (no soldering) but that the pc was still dead after removing half of the board components and injecting voltages i found a short under the...