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    820-01700 Not turning on

    I have what I thought was a clean 820-01700 board not turning on. After close inspection under a microscope I could see there was a tiny amount of crap on F7000 chip. With the power plugged in the board is sitting at 1.33v and not turning on. Could you please tell me where I should go to from...
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    2014 15” retina MacBook Pro - won’t fully boot into macOS

    2014 15” retina MacBook Pro - won’t fully boot into macOS. It’s gets stuck half way not matter the boot source. Running the D hardware test shows no error. Gpu gets hot and booting in safe mode I got the following pic. Is this a failure that can be repaired ? Or maybe something simple like...
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    2015 15" Macbook 820-00426 a1398 - Trackpad issues

    Happy New Year guys! I have a 15" MacBook with a trackpad that works when you press option/alt and choose the start up drive however once the Mac is booted into the OS the trackpad is unresponsive. I changed trackpads and cables and no change. A couple of keys are not working as well, I have...
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    820-2915 no video capture devices were found

    Hi, I swapped the screen out but on this 2011 15" Macbook however the camera is still not detected. I can't see any liquid damage near the connector for the webcam. Could you please advise me on where I should start problem solving this board?
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    A1398 display issue

    I have an a1398 that has a display issue as pictured , I changed the cable but the issue persists. Is this display toasted or is there a chance there could be an issue with the board?
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    820-3332 Backlight issue

    I'm trying to diagnose a no backlight on a 2012 15" Macbook. When I measure voltage on pin 3 of q9706 the backlight turns on, as soon as I take the multimeter off pin 3 of q9706 the backlight turns off again. Should I replace q9706 ?
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    a1425 - When camera is plugged in Mac will not boot into macOS

    Hi guys, I have a 2012/early 2013 13" retina. When I have the camera plugged in and boot the Mac it will always hang 3/4 of the way through booting and not enter the macOS. If I unplug the camera the Mac works fine with no issues. It is a 3rd party screen and has never worked on any Mac I have...
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    a1706 Trackpad issues

    Hi guys, I have a 2017 13" MBP that is experiencing some weird issue with the trackpad. I have a video from the client here: Upon inspecting his Mac there is no water damage and is a clean looking board. Im just about...