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    820-3332-a - Video problems when on dedicated GPU (high power mode)

    Hello all, I wanted to know if anyone has seen this issue before. A client came by with video problems. My first thought was the GPU Vcore, but how i have seen that is Video or No Video, not a glitchy video. I have not poked around yet, as if it is a breaking solder joint, i know i could make...
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    [SOLVED]820-3023 fan spin, S0 present, no boot

    Hello all, So I have a MBA 2011 A1369 (EMC 2469) that has no "deadly" signs of water damage. (fly piss on a cap - cap tested fine, cleaned well) There is no chime or beeps, but most all S0 power lines come on. ALL_SYS_PWR_GOOD is high,fan spins, green light, then amber. The only voltage i...
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    820-3332-A - no image on built in screen - external monitor OK.

    Follow up to a previous post: ------- Hello all, So I have an 820-3332 that had it's screen break off. The client still used it for a few months until it started to cut in and out (no hinges to support it). I received a replacement lvds cable but still no image. Checked on our ol friend and Mr...
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    [SOLVED]820-3332-A - no image in screen - bad lvds cable

    Hello all, so I have an 820-3332 that had it's screen break off. The client still used it for a few months untill it started to cut in and out (no hinges to support it). I recieved a replacement lvds cable but still no image. Checked on our ol friend and Mr. Shoe rubber was installed... So he...
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    820-3476 - Always thinks magsafe adapter is connected

    Hello all, Received this one and it would not boot past the apple logo. Well, it seemed like it would loose power or reset just a second after the apple showed up. So, with no physical damage on the motherboard, i took a stab at the bios. Pulled it off and stuck another on. It ended up booting...
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    Noob question - fresh osx install, what does it reset?

    I have wondered and know one of you knows for sure. What all does reinstalling/updating to a newer osx reset? SMC, PRAM, BIOS? I ask, because I have seen some people clame battery issues that should be resolved with an SMC reset - be solved with a clean install of osx. Other times, I offer a...
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    Will the 820-00165 smc work on the 820-00164 board?

    Title says it all. I have 820-00165-02 boards for doners, but a 820-00164-A came by with some water damage under the SMC. Are the 11" and 13.3" interchangeable? Thanks!
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    820-3208 3 beep - after reflowing ram, no SN

    Hey all, got a a MBA the other day that was 3 beeping me. Checked out the voltage going to the ram and it is sitting at 1.35V. The schematic says 1.5V and with ram, I know that could be a big difference but wasn't too sure as i though desktop ram is normally around that 1.32v range. Maybe my...
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    Quick question about screen compatibility. mid 2009 work on a 2012 mbp 13"?

    Will the screen for a MacBook Pro core duo 13" mid 2009 work in a MBP mid 2012 13"? Thanks!
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    802-3462 Quarter fan spin

    Hey all, Severely waterdamaged board. Hobby board. My 25mhz signal is terrible and dropping with the fan cycle. Looks like its possibly not getting pulled all the way to ground? R1885 and R1886 checked out ok. 32khz is fine and always present. cpuvcore is only present with fanspin. Should I...
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    What battery test error cause actual issues?

    Hello all, Before I asked about the Sealed Battery Test failing - and it seems that is quite common and does not effect usage How about the other tests? I assume Error Condition Test would effect the computer speed How about the RA table test? At the moment, one of my replacement batteries -...
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    2011 mbp 820-2915 - Pink screen w/Boot sound

    Hey all, Got brought a dead MBP, client states he brought it in for maintenance a few years ago to another shop. After a year, he says it didn't power on randomly, so he pulled the bottom case and said that he found a screw floating around in the system on the mobo. Says he kept it for another...
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    [SOLVED]A1466 emc 2559 - dong loop after failed external drive boot

    Hello all. Received a working MBA the other day, along with a new MB to do a data transfer too. Transfer went fine using migration assistant. Last night I left the MBA on doing a time machine back before wiping it and installing high Sierra. Booted fine this morning, stuck in my live thumb drive...
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    Screen sources for MacBooks

    Hey all, so my supplier has informed me that good quality lcd panels are becoming harder/ impossible to aquire in the market by themselves and that most new screens now are sold as the original top clamshell and original lcd panel, but assembled by another third party lcd shop. Prices are a bit...
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    Proactive repair vs reactive repair and pricing

    So, I have had a client or 2 come in with a computer that died for a week, then started working again with no issues for a few weeks.he brought it in for me to look at and I found some water damage. Now, from his perspective his macbook was A-OK but from my perspective it was a ticking time...
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    [SOLVED]820-3330-B Not charging battery

    Hey all, This is a warranty repair from a previous job I had. You can see previous thread in the link. I am suspicious that the battery I got was crap (amazon purchase). Unfortunately I do not have another battery to test it with on hand and I am located in south america so shipping will take...
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    [SOLVED]Macbook Pro A1286 Mid 2012 - ASD EFI ERROR-Battery Not Sealed

    Wanted an opinion from someone with more experience than I. New replacement battery from Amazon. Didn't buy the cheapest or most expensive. Good reviews. I haven't experienced this problem directly yet - Battery (test 6) Sealed Battery Test is Failing. Battery test 1 Error condition test...
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    [SOLVED]820-3330-B Trolling me - Bad Keyboard? No backlight

    Hello all, Today I Have a 820-3330 that is giving image, but no backlight Client said they spilled tea on their computer (assuming kb) No liquid damage on board. LVDS connector is good, fuse is good, not sure about cable as I don't have a spare one to try. But SW_0 is 21v, so that wouldn't be...
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    Bios programming video?

    Hello all! I hope someone here has a great memory! About 1-2 months ago, I saw one of Louis's videos where he had a bad bios chip on a motherboard. It worked when he heated it up to a point and he grabbed the programing off of it then reprogramed a new one and removed a portion so it could re...
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    Parts cheatsheet

    Hello all, I have been trying to accumulate a stock for service needs. I found the list recommending different years and models for doner boards, talked to a manufacturer about common batteries they sell and bought a stock of them, but am now looking into ordering some stock for keyboards and...