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    820-00840 no ppbus_g3h stuck on 5v liquid damage

    A A1706 came in with liquid damage, alot of it. Tried cleaning the CD3215 and ISL but no luck. Removed both CD3215s after seeing brown/black goo coming from underneath it, but after replacing still no luck. Have not worked with USB-C macbooks before so one thing is not completely clear. Is it...
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    Macbook Pro A1278 white screen after loading bar

    As the title says, I have received an old macbook which displays a white screen after loading bar. I have already tried: -disconnected everything apart from DC-IN and display -PRAM, VRAM, SMC reset -reinstall macos -boot from external drive but to no avail. Is it the graphics chip which...
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    820 2915 no backlight

    Hi, I have a no backlight 8202915 in front of me with 24.7V on the LCD backlight rails. I assume this is a voltage which should make the backlight turn on. The PWM rail to the backlight driver has 2.3V which is maybe low? I have too little experience to tell. Backlight driver faulty which makes...
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    820 00165 fan spins for 1 second then turns off, taking 25mA not entering S4 state

    Macbook came in with the costumer not naming one clear cause. The fan spins for 1 second then turns off, it's taking 25mA not entering S4 state. Here I have some measurements. PP5V_S4RS3 = 0V PP3V3_S4 = 0.31V PP3V3_S4SW_SNS = 0.01V PP3V3_S4_TBTAPWR = lowering to 0V Thinking about replacing...
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    820 4924 taking 51 mA and not getting into S4 state

    Sadly I dont have that much troubleshooting experience yet. Have rebuilt some backlight circuits and repaired the common iPhone errors so that's something. The board Im working on now 820 4924 stopped working because of liquid damage and didn't turn on but with a light on the charger. Got the...