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    820-00840 Oh Boy A lot of Work

    Hi, I'm currently working on an 820-00840, I bought the device myself with water damage, so please don't be too hard on me if I have done something wrong up to this point, I mainlywanne study this repair matter to get into this I would also like to apologize in advance for my bad English. The...
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    820-00840-A PP3V3_S5G missing

    hi Guys I'm new here and could use a little help. I have an 820-00840-A board and pp3v3_s5g is not present. USB-C AmpMeter says 20V and pulsing 6 and 60 mA The board has no water damage and no corrosion. All components that have to do with pp3v3_s5g look good but I have 0.5 ohms to ground...