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    820-3437 not connecting device.

    this machine come in dead. theres something to do with all sys pwrgd not showing, so I remove q8150. now machine turn on. a few weeks later customer say macbook cannot connect to device. i use my known good cable to my device, its charging but itunes doesnt detect device. I have discard all part...
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    820-00165-A ppbus_g3h low.

    hi, this came in with ppbus 8.2v i changed smc straight away, ppbus go 8.6v, machine turn on. a few days later,customer came, the machine is dead again. I see ppbus_g3h is 4v,sometimes 0.5v. I remove fuse, and I have 8.6v at pin 1. so it must be system side ? do i check for short one by one? I...
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    820-3437 no pm_slp_s4_l

    hi, this board came in, pretty clean. ppbus_G3h 8.6v pp5v_s5 stable 5v pp3v3_s5 3.3v but cycling. I notice ppvrtc_g3h diode mode is 0.030 or so (70 ohm), I found one caps which is leaking. now diode mode is 0.104 ( about 200 ohm resistance to ground ). ppvrtc voltage is 3.2v I compare to 3435...
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    820-00164-A no backlight after waking up from sleep.

    smc_lid is 3.4v stable. after sleeping for a while, board would not have backlight when i open the lid. part problem has been ruled out as I put the board on my known good housing. smc has been reballed. u9701 is replaced, with a5 jumper to pin 2 of d9701 lvds has been replaced too. any pointer ?
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    820-3115 fan cycling every 2 second.

    board came in with symptoms : plug magsafe, fan spin for 1 second, stop. then spin for 2-3s, and loop like that no corrosion found. r7402/03 measured good. when fan is spinning, all_sys_pwrgd and vcore is present. removing ram will cause vcore to be stable, and fan doesnt cycle at all ( board...
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    820-3115 not turning on

    this came in botched from another store without smc. Replaced smc, and i got green light now., but board still not turning on. pp5v_s5 : 5v pp3v3_s5 : 2.9v ( strange ) ppvrtc_g3h : 2.9v ( strange too) ppbus_G3h : 12.6v I have tried replacing tps, but still no luck. any pointer ? thanks..
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    820-2936 no green light

    Hi, this board came in with no magsafe light. I track down the problem to u7000, q7030, and q7035. replaced all, and magsafe green light come. a few days later customer came back, no green light. i see ppbus is 12.2v. I have tried replacing smc 3 times.but still ppbus 12.2v and no green light. I...
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    820-4924 no backlight boost.

    820-4924 no backlight. liquid damage at q7701. shorted inside the board at PPVIN_SW_LCDBKLT_SW, so i dig out the short, now resistance is good at 0.4kohm fuse is good 12.6v at both side ppvout is 12.6v at pin 1 of lvds connector. i have bklt_en_R 3.3v I use known good must be working 2015 lcd. I...
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    820-3115 ppbus 12.3v

    Hi, ,this board came in with corrosion near smc and thunderbolt ic, there's a short on ppbus_g3h near u6901, at the thunderbolt stuff, anyway , i clean the corrosion and dig out the short, ppbus came in at 12.3v I already test the smc at known good board, and i know the smc is good, i also...
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    820-3332 ppbus 12.3v

    hi, this board came in, sign of flux here and there ppbus is 12.3v, no magsafe light immediately tried changing smc, but still same. i tried his smc to my board, and it work ( orange light and ppbus 12.56v) so im sure smc is good, i have tried replacing isl too, but still smc is not running...
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    820-3115 bil issue

    hi this board came in with not charging, solved by replacing r7051/2. found out bil connector is bad,but even with KNOWN GOOD bil attached,fan will spin but no boot (blank display), if i unplug bil it will boot normally. sponge has been removed, bil looks good, sda scl diode mode is 0.455 and...
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    820-3115 slow, asd error TA0P

    this macbook came in alive, but cursor is staggering, and macbook is slow, fan maximum, i run asd 3s155 os version, and see that TA0P ambient air sensor is failed smc have greenish thing near it, and i already reballed smc but still the same, i can't seem to locate ambient air sensor location..
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    820-3462 low ppbus no green light

    this came in, no visible liquid damage, but whole board is dusty ppdcin is 16.5v normal pp3v42 present, but no green /orange light. adapter sense up to pin 2 of j6900 is normal 3.4v, ppbus is 1v resistance between pin 17/18 :4 ohm 27/28 is 20 ohm smc_reset_l is 2.8v at first,after I reball smc...
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    820-2936 no backlight ( at first ),

    hi this came in with no backlight problem, I have 0v on ppvout_sw_lcdbklt but no short. 12.6v at bothside of fuse, while probing around, i realize, now if Icd is connected, fan would spin a bit, then stop. ( not turning on ) but if I remove lcd, fan will spin forever..
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    820-3115 no ppdcin_G3h

    this came in with various side liquid damaged, i have replaced u7000, q7030 q7035, q7080, but still no ppdcin, even though there's no short.. using fake charger no green light too..
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    820-2936 no green light

    pp3v42 present, but no smc_bc_acok i have 3.9v at u7000 acin resistance between pin 17/18 is normal at 3 ohm but resistance between 27/28 is too high, the trace from pin 27 of isl to pin 2 of r7022 is good the trace from pin 28 to pin 2 of r7021 is good, but i probe between 27/28, the resistance...
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    820-00928 turn on, but doesnt detect usb

    It have 20v on all usb port, can charge and turn on fine, but doesnt detect external usb no 5v on L3500..u3500 area looks fine
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    820-3302-A imac no display

    lcd cable is broken, c9715 is broken in half, i removed it, but there's a short but not full short, about 20 ohm. I then proceed to remove c9709, c9799, c9795 and c9717. But there's a short ? about 50 ohm, does that mean there's still leakage ? i cannot inject voltage like this, is my best bet...
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    820-00840 liquid damage, no audio output

    this came in with liquid near u7370, trackpad connector , and u2890, cleaned it, mac boot up. but no audio devices. there's very little information about audio issues on this model..
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    820-3209-A dead

    no visible water dmg / corrosion ppbus 12.4v pp5v_s0 5v pp3v3_s0 2.9v ?? pp1v8_s0 : 1.2v ?? pp1v05 : 1.05v pp5v_s3 : 5v all_sys_pwrgd : 0v there's a bit of high pitched noise around u1800 or its back near smc, i couldnt pin point the exact noise I have tried replacing u2700, u7770 and u7780.. I...