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  1. iambehr

    Yet Another 820-00164 Fan Spin No Boot

    Hello, Board in S0 state confirmed by checking all power rails. CPU Vcore 1.8v. Fan spins normally for 10 seconds and then kicks in to overdrive. No display or other signs of life. ALL_SYS_PWRGD is present 3.4V. PLT_RESET_L is high. No light on USB device at all. Resistance to ground at...
  2. iambehr

    820-00164 Sensor Issue

    Hello, Logic board gets to S0 state but has generic SMC error. HWMonitor shows that heatpipe inlet temp and heatpipe outlet temp are 128C. Inlet temp is q5830 attached to U5800, but does anyone know what sensor or bus heatpipe outlet temperature would be? Trying to find if there is a shared...
  3. iambehr

    820-00928 A1707 No Display

    Hello, I have a touchbar mac that does not output to the internal display. I can get video output via USB C, and the logic board powers on and boots mac os. The history is liquid damage, no obvious corrosion except between pins 1 and 43 of J8500. Cleaned up and replaced LCD cable, verified no...
  4. iambehr

    820-00165 Battery Issue

    Hello, Logic board had liquid damage, corrosion on U1930, and on the J6100 connector. Replaced U1930 and removed J1600. LB appears to be functioning normally except it throws a PPT004 battery error when the internal diagnostics are run, even with a known good battery. SMBUS_SMC_5_G3_SCL and...
  5. iambehr

    820-4924 Graphics Issue

    Hello, 820-4924 that will not boot - once the loading bar is 1/4 there are graphical artifacts in various colors and it hangs. There was liquid damage that appeared to be minor, corrosion had eaten pin 13 of U1900, so replaced that chip, and there did not appear to be any other damage. It will...
  6. iambehr

    820-2936 efi

    Hello, I have an 820-2936 that I attempted to flash firmware to with clean ME region. I used the apple 1.5MB ME version 7 since a tool indicated that the stock rom had ME series 7. I flashed the ROM and it successfully writes and verifies, but when I turn the machine on it beeps SOS. Literally 3...
  7. iambehr

    820-3437 Power Issue

    Getting all g3hot rails. Not getting any s4 rails. ALL_SYS_PWRGOOD cycles between ~.5V and 0V. Any ideas? Thanks, Stefan
  8. iambehr

    [SOLVED]820-3437 No Camera

    LB is in S0 state. PP3V3S0 present. U3900 not producing PP1V2_CAM, PP1V8_CAM, or PP1V35_CAM. No other issues, just onboard camera does not power on. CAM_DEBUG_RESET_L is 0. Slightly confused, it is U3900 that produces PP1V8_CAM, correct? Thanks, Stefan
  9. iambehr

    [SOLVED]820-00239 touchbar madness

    Hello, I got a new one in the shop today. Left side liquid damage. Replaced tons of ruined passives around U3200. Board would not get power from USB C charger before, now it gets power, charges, and boots. I had to reconnect pins 19 and 21 on the J4402 "DFR Touch Connector" due to corrosion...
  10. iambehr

    820-00239 2016 13" MBP Touchbar... USB C port?

    Hello, Anybody happen to have a usb c io board for this model? I will pay what you want for it. The left side ports on this laptop I am repairing are garbage, corroded beyond saving. I don't feel comfortable putting it back in to the machine, even after cleanup. Thanks, Stefan
  11. iambehr

    [SOLVED]820-3435 internal ssd not working

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has experienced this issue this before. A known good solid state drive is not being recognized in the slot. The logic board otherwise works and has no signs of damage and no errors. I have checked and 3.3v seems to exist everywhere it should. Any thoughts...
  12. iambehr

    820-2915 Need GPU Replacement

    Hello, The usual bad GPU. Anyone want to take this? I don't think now is a time to get invested fixing these. I will pay shipping to and from your location, as well as pay for repair via paypal link. Let me know. Not interested in refurbished board for it either, does a good one even exist...
  13. iambehr

    820-2838 No Internal Display

    Hello, Macbook had corrosion on or near internal dp connector and J4700. Cleaned up pins of J4700. Replaced edp connector with a new part. Macbook boots and shows external display, all seems to be working except for internal display. Is not a backlight issue, checked for image and tested with...
  14. iambehr

    Today I learned

    Hello, Had a late 2013 retina macbook w/ weird symptoms. Will boot maybe 1/10th of the time, graphical artifacting on boot screens, or failure to boot at all. Crazy fan spin. Found out serial # missing after attempting to boot in to ASD. No signs of any liquid damage at all. Looks like bad ME...
  15. iambehr

    820-00165 Backlight Again

    Hello, Feeling stumped on this one. No backlight. Fuse at F7700 OK. U7701 backlight driver was shorted to ground. No voltage getting past Q7706 at all. Voltage at pin 4 of Q7706 is 9.83 volts. Pin 3 is at 9.55 volts. Resistance at R7788 is 300K. C7782 is not shorted open. Pins 1,2,5,6 are at 0...
  16. iambehr

    [SOLVED]820-3332 TW0P Sensor Error

    Hello, This board has no liquid damage. It had intermittent kernel panics and shutdowns until I addressed bad solder joints at U8900. It is failing diagnostics with sensor error TW0P, which I think is airport proximity temp. Fans do not spin on high, however. I checked for 3.3V at U5523 and...
  17. iambehr

    Need a referral

    Hello, I have a macbook with logic board 820-3332 that is not detecting the battery. I have tracked it down to the SMC (I think) and I unfortunately do not have the capability to replace that chip yet. As a favor to my customer, I was hoping someone closeish to Iowa would be willing to take on...
  18. iambehr

    820-3332 Battery Detection

    Hello, I am not getting battery detection on this logic board. Tested with a known good battery. Checked resistance on R5280 and R5281. No corrosion around the SMC that I can tell. PP3V42_G3H is present. SMBUS_BATT_SCL (SMBUS_SMC_5_G3_SCL) was shorted to ground, the SDA line was OK. I...
  19. iambehr

    [SOLVED]820-00165 Backlight Issues

    This macbook had a short in the board neard d7701, and the backlight driver feedback line was burned away. I drilled a hole until the short to ground was gone, replaced the fuse and backlight driver, and ran a wire to replace the LCDBKL_FB line to the backlight driver. Backlight works, laptop...
  20. iambehr

    [SOLVED]Advice needed on trackpad issue

    I have a 2015 15" MBPr that had tea spilled in it. The trackpad works but the "click" is very soft - I suspect that some of the tea got in to the trackpad. I tested with a good trackpad, and it "clicks" much better. Is it worth trying to dig the trackpad out? Has anyone had any luck removing...