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    820-00239 liqued damage and no backlight system turns on

    hi all. 820-00239 came in liqued damage only spot i was able to find is direct on the lcd connector using a differnt lcd and connector does not make a differnce. keyboard and touch bar gives light and responds to pressing a button or touchbar fan spins after few minutes (to long imo)...
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    [SOLVED]820-2850 liqued damage around battery connector

    Hi.. old "pos" came in liqued damage around battery connector. First replaced C7035 and C7036. then had short on battery connector line PPVBAT_G3H_CONN after removing Q7055 and C6950 stil had short, after removing battery connector short gone (pin inside connector was bent and was making...
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    error codes in AHT “what is what”

    Probably wel known for most. And for most useless. But anyways.
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    [SOLVED]820-2850 came in doing nothing, replaced c9560

    hi all, 820-2850 came in no chime fans did spin. after replacing C9560 (1 time i used the "new cap" with the 2 ground pads/ and 1 time the old way the 330 with a ground wire) now it boots (chime and then os) but after like 3/4 times turn of and on again, it gives fan spin but no more chime...
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    Clean me region

    hi al. Any one has a Good tutorial on How to clean up the "ME Region" in your SPI. Replace with clean dump That is. Duke is already busy and i want to learn
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    [SOLVED]820-3476 clean ME region

    is there some one able to put a clean me region in this one? please i seem to fuck up somewhere and worst part, customer is commming for it in a hour or 2 :(
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    820-3476 no left shift function

    Hi all, got this in had liqued damage all cleaned and the thing was running fine, now it came back, seems left shift wont work. changed 3 keyboards, changed TP cable and TP stil same... all works except left shift
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    820-3476 late 2013 pro ME error

    Hi all, Got a 820-3476 runs ASD and gives Managment engine error. Anyone has a good dump for it?
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    820-3115 its me i already know it, just really hope to find out what i am fucking up

    5 lcd assmeblys tested on a known 3 pieces of 820-3115 CHIME: YES MOUSELIGHT: YES BACKLIGHT: NO IMAGE: cant see, un able to even find a part where you see the wave form when you turn it on no video when connecting screen with displayport other lcd same issue PPBUS_G3H 12.58v PPVCORE_S0_CPU...
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    [SOLVED]820-00165 close lid then open and wont turn on

    820-00165 seems to had some prior repair atempt (jtagg removed) SMC_LID 3.423v when lid is open, closed lid 0.000v then open lid, 3.423v but it wont turn on again, not at key stroke or powerbutton wil turn on when you plug charger
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    [SOLVED]820-00165 liqued damage

    (for my info so i know what board is what rep:1958) Green/orange light fan spin, no chime sometimes image and even os most times it just stops running. u1950 was prefucked. (replaced and trace fixed) u8005/C8005 pp5v_so had some damage replaced u5800 probe point for CPUTHMSNS_DUR_SEL fixed had...
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    [SOLVED]820-2915 stuck on apple logo bar at 30%

    Hi all, got a 820-2915 mac here put the logic board in a known good working housing + ssd and same result replaced all parts like hdd/ssd/cable/RAM/ nothing connected etc, and Always stuck on apple logo about 30% also known good SSD and ios same result ASD gives no errors.
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    820-3476 turns off after 8 second

    Hi all, interesting one here, board looks perfect, no liqued damage and seems the board has never been removed. green/orange light ppbus_g3h 12.61V stable after you plug in charger fan spin, image on screen, backlight turns on. i can even sometimes do a ASD test. (wont finish) turns off...
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    [SOLVED]820-3115 video artifacts when presure on ogic board

    Came in for repair, it gives the bloks like in the picture when you hold/press the bottem plate. sometimes it also boots very slow pictures are like hold(blocks) let go no blocks
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    820-3437 liqued damage pp3v3 lines drop

    ppvrtc_g3h 0.000volt replaced u1900 then 3.4v PP5V_S5 0.000v P5VS4RS3_EN 0.000v S4_PWR_EN 0.000v pm _slp_s4_l missing pp3v3_s5 also missing after replacing C5120 and R5127 because they look back i get pp3v3_s5 for a short moment and also fan spin. after few second the pp3v3_s5 drops back...
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    820-00165 no image no chime

    came in precleaned.... green light then orange. ppbus_g3h 8.18volts (same as on working board from other MacBook) Mouse lights up PPVCC_S0_CPU 1.803v stable PP5V_S0 5.12v PP3V3_S0 3.332volt missing PP3V3_S0SW_LCD 0.000volt diode 0.532 U8300 PP3V3_S5 3.334 volt EDP_PANEL_PWR 0.000volt comes...
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    820-00165 no keyboard trackpad

    tested differnt trackpad+keyboard+cable. no corrosion on connector. Liqued damage was around smc, replaced and working except no keyboard trackpad. Option key at boot wont work no detection Power button works J4800 pin 1 3.42v 0.429 2 0v 0.442 3 0v 0.000 4 0v 0.353 5 0v 0.350 6 0v 0 7...
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    820-00165 liquid damage does not see SSD,

    820-00165 liquid damage (near SMC) does not see SSD, SSD is checked in differnt mac and works perfect.+ SSD_RESET_L 3.278v SSD_PWR_EN 0.451v P3V3SSD_VMON 0.029v should be 0.7v r3740 r3741 r3742 after replacing r37/40/41/42 i got P3V3SSD_VMON 0.998v
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    [SOLVED]820-00165 wil this boot without battery?

    hi all 820-00165 wil this boot without battery?
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    [SOLVED]820-3115 slow charging

    came in replaced dc jack tested then replaced battery tested, takes 6 hours to charge from 56% to 100% 17/18 3.7ohm 27/28 20.8ohm boots fine with only battery charger Original even with differnt charger same result charger shows on system its 85W came in from differnt store, Original issue...