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    820-01700 5v 0.3Amp then 0Amp Liquid Damage around SSD area (mess cleaned)

    Hi friends, good afternoon... I got a 16" MBP liquid damage and the mess was concentrated at the SSD region, front and back of the board... after some caps replacement, I'm having 5V at the ISL9240 but no PPBUS_G3H. When I plug the charger, it bounces from 5v 0.3amp and 5v 0Amp... Could it be a...
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    820-3332 Kernel Panic on Catalina after Hardware dGPU bypass

    Hi Fam, good morning. I have an 820-3332 which, after U8900 resolder, replacement, and all sorts of possibilities, was not completing the boot on any system, neither from internal or external drives. So, I run the jumpers to bypass the dGPU and it looked perfect until I tried to run the...
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    820-00239 Several Liquid Damage , backlight starts but no Image

    Hi guys, hope all is doing well with everybody I got a 820-00239 that was liquid damaged and I cleaned up all the crap but, even if I leave just the battery, kbd, trackpad and display, it turns on the backlight but doesn't show any image... I've replaced the LCD cable and stills the same Any...
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    820-00850-A Medium Liquid Damage Not Completely Loading OSX

    Hi Guys, good evening. I got from a customer a A1989 EMC 3214, board 820-00850-A and it suffered medium liquid damage, in my opinion. I replaced some caps and res, some other ones I just reflux and it's turning on now. The problem is it doesn't load the OSX until the end, even from Internal or...