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    2017 A1708 820-00840 no video no back light and no chime sound

    Hello, I followed this post as close as possible because it sounded a lot like I have on this one Below are my results so far, help!! 820-00840-a short on ppbus_g3h R5400 pin 2 short U7420 removed short gone have...
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    2019 Macbook Air 820-01521-a shorted PP3V3_G3H and flashing led on logic board

    Hello, By removing the U7800 chip, short goes away. Installed another chip from a donor board same thing. Anyone run across this before? This is the only chip that immediately gets hot under infrared camera, rest of the board does not heat up when I force voltage on the PP3V3_G3H. The only...
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    820-01521-02 Macbook Air 2018 No PPBUS_G3H and other Rails

    Hello all, Does anybody know in what order should I check power rails as far as importance. Example, I do not have PPBUS_G3H. Should I just stop there and chase that one down first on this board, or is there another rail I must chase down first then chase down PPBUS_G3H. On older boards, if I...
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    A1534 2017 Macbook 12" Retina famous flashing folder cannot see ssd

    Good morning all. Yes this is a common issue, most of the time bad CPU right? However, on this one all of my ssd power rails are dead. Does the cpu still cause this to happen. I though the last few that did this I had all of my ssd rail powers, but not this one. Is there a possible common...
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    820-01521-a water damage around U7650 2018 Macbook Air

    Hello all, I got a 2018 Macbook air that had some corrosion around U7650. Replaced U7650 and cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner and now it has 20v and .12a at the charge ports but still no boot. Below are the voltages I still do not have: PP5V_G3S 0v - applied 5v on this line and the fan goes fast...
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    2018 Macbook Air A1932 Finger print button replacement

    Hello all. My local Mac repair place told me they did a hardware check on this unit and said the actual fingerprint button failed and would need to be replaced. Is this something I can do without taking it to them? Everything else works on this unit but that. They told me that they would program...
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    A1932 Macbook Air 2018-2019 820-01521 J6100 Connector

    Got this unit with a burned up J6100 connector. Has anyone had any luck replacing this connector? Any pointers on replacing (heat temp, etc)? Are the connectors available yet anywhere to purchase? I have a feeling this is going to be a normal issue with water damage on these. This is the 2nd one...
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    Macbook Air 2018/2019 Trackpad and Audio Board question

    Hello all, is there any schematics out there for sale for just the track pads and audio boards? I have the schematic for the main logic board but do not see anything in that schematic that shows the components on the trackpad and audio board. Also as a side note, this is my first attempt to...
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    A1398 2013-2014 LCD Replacement Parts. Any good reputable suppliers?

    Does Rossmann Group have access to just the LCD panel for this model? If not, any recommended supplier for just the LCD panel? Thanks!
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    820-3787 No video internal or external HDMI but chimes and fans turn on usb activity

    Hello all, I got this one in and it is very clean inside, no signs of liquid damage. I started testing voltages and I have 0v on the PPVCORE_GPU. Diode tested 0v. Short to ground. Is this normally a shorted bad GPU? Should I throw this in the parts bin? Thanks again.
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    A1534 820-00045-a USB-C charger only works in one direction

    Hello all, This unit came to me with no power showing on the USB-C voltage meter, not even the 5v you normally see on these units. So ended up finding a bad power board DC jack. Replaced it. Now it will start and charge just fine but will only charge with the charger cable in only one...