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  1. larossmann

    What would YOU find valuable in an industry trade association?

    We don't really have a board repair/device repair industry trade association. Let's say we did. What would be necessary for it to be valuable to you? What should it provide?
  2. larossmann

    New signups troubleshooting - how to sign up to post, resolving issues, etc.

    Welcome to the new forum! :) Over the past five months, dealing with vbulletin/paypal has been a nightmare. The payment method between vbulletin/PayPal wasn't working - the IPN was trying to refer to an incorrect URL. vBulletin was passing the wrong information to Paypal. As a result, it seems...
  3. larossmann

    My apologies for the downtime!

    I am very sorry the migration led to downtime. Unfortunately it had to be done. vbulletin had been messing with subscriptions for a while and even with patching the old forum was hacked into twice. I've been going back and forth with them since December and there is zero support from them, even...
  4. larossmann

    vbulletin migration

    Due to the CBC piece & youtube popularity, people are trying to hack the site constantly. I am switching every site to separate hosts and vbulletin to vbulletin cloud w/ phone support, so now there will be a team of people ensuring that the site never goes down. There may be a little...
  5. larossmann

    Macbook logic board troubleshooting guide for beginners

    This is a troubleshooting guide I used to only distribute to students who came for in-person tutoring. Sadly, no one seems to actually read this. :( I am posting it here in the hopes it can benefit others. This can be viewed and edited by anyone with a google account. Feel free to download...
  6. larossmann

    If you like openboardview more than landrex testlink..

    Consider giving a dollar to the person coding & maintaining it: He has a donate link, and he makes the software openboardview available for free. For those of you who don't realize what we old people lived with back in the day, try landrex...
  7. larossmann


    I'll be in Nebraska strategizing for the legislature hearing, and duke is on vacation. Until Saturday replies will be a bit slow. Jason my technician will be replying in between doing all the rabbit holes in left for him before leaving :cool:
  8. larossmann

    iPhone forum announcement

    This forum will be $45/mo if you want it along with the macbook one, and $29/mo if you want it without the macbook one. I will be paying people to answer questions here. I have absolutely no idea at the moment how "upgrade" from the $29 macbook only to the $45 both tier without cancelling the...
  9. larossmann

    Macbook logic board repair tools list

    Since I get lots of messages related to tools I used, here is the list. If you buy from an amazon link we get a few bucks from it, the ultrasonics/flux from are sold by us as well. SMD CHIPSETS: We sell a bunch now. Check out and choose your device or desired...
  10. larossmann

    Stop using bullshit chargers to troubleshoot boards!

    If you are trying to power on a 13" machine, use a 60w charger or higher. If you are trying to power on a 15" or 17" machine, use an 85w charger. Realize that knockoff chargers that claim 85w are usually 60w chargers rebranded. If you look in the operating system in about this mac, you can see...
  11. larossmann

    Forum rules

    Welcome to the forum! We will be happy to help you through fixing your boards, assuming you follow a few basic rules. 1) Provide FULL answers to our questions, nor partial answers. We are going to need information from you that you did not present in your original post to solve your problem...
  12. larossmann

    Be back in a few.

    I am sorry for my lack of posts here: I will get back to all of these as soon as I can. Dealing with Kilpatrick & Townsend is taking up too much of my time. and my money. :(
  13. larossmann

    I play this everytime I have to replace an SMC

    I imagine she's talking about Tim Cook.
  14. larossmann

    Macbook Air no backlight troubleshooting guide

    When troubleshooting backlight circuit, the output voltage is important. Different voltages tell you different things. On an air, 39-49v means that the backlight boost circuit is working, but there is no load - aka, it doesn't "See" the light of the screen. Once there is a load on the circuit...
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    Testing forum

    Testing post.