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    820-3588 not turning on.

    Got an iMAC where the first LED Blinks on button press but not turning on. Its not Q8450 and i have steady 12V I'm not getting pm_slp_s4_l and not pulsing either. is the criteria for s4 en same as macbook?
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    820-00165 does not shut down

    Macbook air 2017 initially came in with no boot, troubleshoot and found that SSD was dead. had it replaced and when running diagnostic and other stuff found it was laggy when on battery. found out Battery connector was broken. now also notice that the macbook will not/takes a long time to shut...
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    820-00687 not booting

    board came with missing, cd3215. replaced it and i get 20v 144ma on charger. CPU heats up but no CPU vcore resistance on vcore is 8ohm (phase 1 &2). CPU dead?
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    macbook air 2020 820-01958 no boot

    Hello, 820-01958 came in with a water damage at the titan ridge area, surrounding area cleared up. macbook now boots with battery but not charging. 20v when plugged in charger but 20ma. customer took back macbook for data backup, brought back laptop with depleted battery to be fixed. checked...
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    820-01814 not turning on after water damange

    i have an 820-01814 which has water damage at the speaker right AMP area. that was cleared but one of the amp u6500 was roasted and cannot be fix, pads on the chip are gone(this can't be replaced right?). i have not replaced it and left it off the board right now board takes 20V 20ma and does...
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    820-00165, Chimes and shuts down

    Originally board hard short on ppbus at C7314. Replaced to remove short. now board without SSD 90% of the time boots and shows no hdd icon. 10% just won't boot. with SSD, sometimes chime with fan spin and dies. tried with external USB bootable. fan spins and dies before apple logo.
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    820-3476 pulsing. not turning on

    Hello, I have an 820-3476 that initially had short on ppvcc_s0_CPU. removed the damaged cap C1008 near the cpu without heat. no more shorts but still does not boot. i detected pulsing voltage when plugin in magsafe from s4 all the way to all_sys_pwgd. no other shorts found so far. any...
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    *SOLVED*IMAC A1418 2014 820-4668 not booting

    Hello, I have a 820-4668 not booting, after a few measurements, don't see obvious short or any heating. I have the 1st LED but when pressing power botton has no reaction. my confusion is that in no_boot state i have S5 state power rails(which i do have). but the board is pushing out...
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    *SOLVED* 820-00923, does not power on, PM_SLP_S5_l is missing

    hello, i a MBP touchbar A1706 not turning on No liquid damage of any kind. or any shorts 20V on charger PPBUS 13V PP5V_S5 5V PP3v3_s5 3.3V PM_SLP_SUS_L 3.3V SMC_ADAPTER_EN 3.3V PM_BATLOW_L is 0V 32MHZ and 24MHZ present (verified with Oscope) PM_PWRBTN_L reacts if you trigger SMC_ONOFF_L...