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  1. Paul Daniels

    820-00163 BIOS fix required

    Require a BIOS fix for an 820-00163 which exhibited no response/activity other than to show blinking folder when all devices (and USB) are removed. Testing with a donor board BIOS restored functionality. Original (corrupted?) and donor BIOS images included in the zip file located at...
  2. Paul Daniels

    2014 Mac Mini "Pin lock" - removal required (genuine ownership)

    Have a Macmini 2014 model (with the beloved T6 security torx), comes up with a 6-digit pin lock with Apple logo. This unit is from an e-waste recycling centre that I normally do a lot of work for, so I'm assuming valid ownership. I've cloned the 64MBit chip that's on the top side of the PCB...
  3. Paul Daniels

    Need new BIOS image for 820-00165 (seems corrupted, machines runs fine with donor)

    Previously Duke has recommended that I just post the serial number of the machine and he can generate a suitable BIOS Image file; is this still applicable? BIOS image available at
  4. Paul Daniels

    Looking for resistor value on 820-00850 (since I do not have a donor and no BV/Schem)

    Resistor here just below the USB-C connector assembly in green circle (currently rotated off one pad so I could try measure it). End cap of the resistor has "vanished", so unable to measure.
  5. Paul Daniels

    820-3437 no boot or USB activity, S0 state but fan does not spin up normally

    Not the first time I've had this symptom on 820-3437 ( testing with 85W genuine MS2 ). To date I think I have 3 boards in the "unsolved" box all exhibiting this. Instead of the fan doing the on/off/on/off... on-and-run sequence, the behaviour instead is to run the fan continuously for the about...
  6. Paul Daniels

    SSD differences between A1466 820-00165 vs 3437 (despite same physical connect) ?

    I just noticed something this evening, A SSD ( SanDisk 655-1837c Sd6pq4m-128g-1021 128gb ) works in my A1466 820-00165 and A1502, but doesn't show up as a device on my A1466 820-3437 boards (either of the two working ones I have). Is there an electrical/signalling difference of the SSD...
  7. Paul Daniels

    820-00165, liquid damaged FRU, U1930 / R1931, Spins up, no boot

    820-00165 supposedly replaced with a new board a couple of weeks ago. Clear signs board has seen liquid damage and was ultrasonic'd and put back in to service as it probably booted "then". Now the unit will only green/orange light & fan spin. The fan spin runs for about 10 seconds, then stops...
  8. Paul Daniels

    820-3023-A Passes ASD (OS and EFI) but AHT never finishes

    Board had liquid damage previously and has subsequently been repaired, boots macOS and "seems fine", though the one sticking point for me, and one I'd like to get an opinion on, is that the built-in AHT (internet loaded one) never finishes, instead over the course of a few hours the progress bar...
  9. Paul Daniels

    [SOLVED]Milk Damaged 820-00165; did run, but no SSD detected, n̶o̶w̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶ ̶m̶i̶x̶e̶d̶ ̶f̶a̶n̶ ̶s̶p̶i̶n̶

    [SOLVED]Milk Damaged 820-00165; did run, but no SSD detected, n̶o̶w̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶ ̶m̶i̶x̶e̶d̶ ̶f̶a̶n̶ ̶s̶p̶i̶n̶ Milk damaged 820-00165, moderately extensive rework required, a lot of corroded out pads/parts replaced and some reconstruction required for L5001 area. Was running after rework, would...
  10. Paul Daniels

    New B&K Precision BK-393 meter software (like Louis's BK-390A software)

    I've modified the existing Windows BK-390A software that is being used on the current live streams to handle the different protocol used by the BK-393 (which seems overall to be a better meter). This hasn't yet been tested with a real meter, but at least it's a starting point (it works with the...
  11. Paul Daniels

    820-3023-A Liquid damage. No PPVCORE_S0_CPU_REG or _AXG_REG

    Prior repair. Liquid damage. Arrived with no fan spin. Repairs to corrosion on U7600, replacing R7981, reconnecting trace between U7600 and C7981 (CPUVCCIOS0_EN) restored fan spin. No chime. No LCD_EN. I now have no PPVCORE_S0_CPU_REG or _AXG_REG out of U7400. U7400:1 EN (CPUIMVP_VR_ON) is...
  12. Paul Daniels

    [SOLVED]820-3023-A BIOS required

    Searching this group hasn't shown any hits for one; hoping someone can provide a bios dump for me to test on a board here that fanspins, cpu gets warm, but no chime/dong or display.
  13. Paul Daniels

    A1707 (and similar) Battery-PCB contact assembly failure rates?

    An A1707 in today, more time spent trying to get that bottom panel off than what happened next. Machine booted fine, battery detected, 0% and no lightning/charging going on according to the macOS. Undid the connectors, flipped up the +/- tang, appeared clean, put it back together and now it's...
  14. Paul Daniels

    Data recovery options for MBP 13" Late 2016 SSD module / 820-00875

    The machine is a no-fix ( significant areas of copper delamination and PCB burn-through ), so I'd like to see if at least the SSD is functional, however, it's one of those PCB card edge SSD module units. Is there an external USB adaptor or converter available (or normal SATA interface) ?
  15. Paul Daniels

    [SOLVED]820-2838-A, was liquid damaged, boots fine but no ASD ?

    Having just fixed up a liquid damaged 820-2838, I want to run ASD to check to see if there's any dud sensors I've missed (wouldn't surprise me). I've tried 'D' and 'Option-D' during boot, even ctrl-D, no avail, both with, and without the SSD. Wifi works.
  16. Paul Daniels

    Replacement topdeck/keyboard for Retina 12" A1534 - preferred supplier?

    Coffee spill. No migration through to the main board thankfully, but I've noticed there's not a lot of price difference between replacing the keyboard within vs a complete top-deck replacement. My question more is "Is there a preferred supplier?" (sending to Australia)
  17. Paul Daniels

    What net is in the green circle? iP5S

    Smash damage has torn up the screw point BS2 on this 5S by J2. I'm wondering what the flooded fill area is connected to in the picture, circled in green. Has no apparent connection that I can detect around the area, OL on diode mode. It has lifted off from the board down another layer and...
  18. Paul Daniels

    A1278, ASD failure, 4SNS/1/40000000: VPOR-19.763

    Is there a reference for what this sensor failure is specifically referring to? I'm presuming some sort of voltage sensor (as opposed to I/current or TH/thermal)
  19. Paul Daniels

    [SOLVED]820-3115 No image (no LCD_IG_PWR_EN) liquid damage, bongs, spins

    No display. Checked with light through the back; display is not blocking light, and no folder icon or other details showing. Light liquid damage across multiple locations on the board USB boot stick flashes, several times over the course of a couple of minutes. No 3V3 to the LCD, 0V for...
  20. Paul Daniels

    How pedantic are you about noting everything you do to a board?

    With all my repairs, I tend to run the microscope and bench camera via OBS to capture everything I do, for internal purposes. Does anyone bother to note down each and every part they replace as they do it, or do they find ( as I do ) that it's a bit too disruptive to the process of fault...