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  1. TCRScircuit

    2013-2019 MacBook Air A1466 / A1932 graphical glitching RESEARCH TOPIC

    I have seen several of these machines that exhibit graphical glitches (typically green) while playing full screen video. The machine will otherwise behave normally with no other issues. I suspect this is either one of 2 things. A. Driver issue related to a specific MacOs version OR. B...
  2. TCRScircuit

    820-00840 no GPU vcore.

    Got a 00840 trolling me. Came in no liquid with a history of a dog biting it. First thing I checked was output on external. Nothing, Unplugged the screen and tried again. Nothing. This was with a genuine apple usb c to vga dongle. Checked CPU vcore... 0.94 volts. GPU vcore - 0v. Missing...
  3. TCRScircuit

    [SOLVED] 820-2532 no PP5v_S0

    Hey guys, this one is really throwing me for a loop -- Came in with history of customer ultrasonically cleaning it, also with the note of "Magsafe sparked when plugged in" Went through the rails -- All rails present except PP5v_S0 PP3v3_S0 is present. U7500 and Q7511/10 had some residue...
  4. TCRScircuit

    MY_BRAIN_EN_L is high.

    Time for a little break. Getting sick of nonsense rabbit hole boards.
  5. TCRScircuit

    3437 no bluetooth. Think I have it sorted but not sure.

    Had a interesting 820-3437 come in. Liquid damaged. Noticed the airport connector and card was melted. Didn't have a connector so I soldered jumpers to the board. Ghetto? Yes absolutely but it works. Anyway.. Still no bluetooth. I'm pretty sure I just have to replace u3510 and maybe q3510 but I...
  6. TCRScircuit

    820-3115 power cycling and I don't know why.

    I had a 820-3115 come in with heavy corrosion on the edge where most of the liquid will come in. Cleaned all the areas up with flux and heat and ran it through the USC. All working. Replaced quite a few corroded and burned components and all was working. There was corrosion on the CPU fets so I...
  7. TCRScircuit

    Ripping a dying GPU off the board and running on intel gfx?

    **Theoretically** Couldn't you pull a dying GPU off of a board and run it on Integrated GFX? Never done this... Probably never will, But would that work? Wouldn't it see no GFX chip and run it off of intel hd gfx? One of these days I will try and modify one to do this if it's not...
  8. TCRScircuit

    [SOLVED]820-2914 B "Braindead" but CPU get's hot and has Vcore.

    820-2914 came in with what appeared to be no VCORE. Checked PPVCORE_S0_CPU and it was 0.97V.. SPI termination resistors OK as well. PMSLP_S4_L was missing, However I replaced the Clk chip and it was restored. ALLSYS Power Good present. **THIS BOARD HAS NO LIQUID DMG** The CPU gets hot as...
  9. TCRScircuit

    A little bit on my backround.. How I started ETC, And a word on using your brain.

    So I decided to get into logic board repairs in September of 2016... a few months before hand I remember looking at a pack of tweezers and thinking to myself I could never repair Macbook boards at component level... A few months passed and I found myself buying a cheap SMD rework station that...
  10. TCRScircuit

    [SOLVED]820-2879 Q7035 Keeps shorting to gnd

    820-2879 came in not powering on w/ No water damage. Found dead short on PPBUS_G3H... Ran power found Q7035 getting very hot... Replaced it short gone, Got a green light w/o fan spin... PPBUS_G3H voltage was 3v. ISL had a hole burned through it so I replaced it.... No green light... Checked my...
  11. TCRScircuit

    [SOLVED]820-00165- Won't Start off the battery.... Stumped

    Customer came in with a A1466 with a 820-00165. She said it froze and shut off and wouldnt come back on. Customer brought it to apple, diagnosed as bad battery. They replaced the battery and the problem remains. They sent it to me... No signs of liquid damage, Works fine off the charger... If i...