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    A2337 2020 MacBook Air 820-02016

    Does anyone have the 820-02016 schematic and board view files?
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    A1708 820-00840 with buzzing sound

    This 820-00840 board had liquid damage, mostly in the area of the USB-C circuitry. I replaced some corroded resistors and the machine starts up and functions normally. Except that any time an audio signal is produced, the left speaker buzzes audibly for a few seconds, then goes quiet. Startup...
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    820-00165 Air missing Vcore

    I have a 00165 board without PPVCC_S0_CPU. I removed the inductor L3710 and the CPU-side of the inductors measures 5 Ohms to ground. CPU shorted internally?
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    820-00165 with all power rails but no POST

    This 2015 Air board generates all power rails, Vcore, ALL_SYS_PWRGD, and PM_SLP_S4_L. Fan spins but does not POST, chime, or start up. The only abnormal signals I noticed are SMC_PROCHOT = 3.4 and CPU_PROCHOT_L = 0. Any ideas?
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    820-00923 MacBook Pro kernel panics with battery connected

    I have an A1706 (2017) MacBook Pro (touch bar) with the following issue: with the battery disconnected, it starts up and works fine. With the battery connected, it produces kernel panics, usually before it finishes start up. No liquid damage that I can see. I tried NVRAM, SMC reset, and starting...
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    820-00138 charges battery only with non-Apple chargers

    I have an 820-00138-A board (15" MacBook Pro 2015) that works and charges the battery with non-Apple chargers. With an original Apple charger, I get either a flashing green light on the plug or no light at all. I replaced Q7155, the battery power MOSFET, but it didn't solve the issue.
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    A1398 MacBook Pro 820-00163 in boot loop

    I have a 820-00163 that chimes and starts up half-way, then kernel panics and restarts. Same for external and internal drives. Passes the Apple Hardware Test. I replaced the EFI chip (U6100) with no change. I'm not the first work on this board; looks like the area near the SMC has had work...
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    820-00138-A with short on PPVIN_S5_HS_COMPUTING_ISNS

    PPVIN_S5_HS_COMPUTING_ISNS is 2 Ohms to ground. Removed R7310, R7320, and R7330. Revealed short to ground on PPVCC_S0_CPU (2 Ohms). Any hope?
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    820-4924 board suddenly stuck in S5 state

    Board initially showed water damage near the SMC, requiring replacement of several resistors and L5001. The board then started up reliably and worked for several days (notably without any Thunderbolt functionality). Now the board is stuck in S5, with missing PM_SLP signals. Ordinarily I would...
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    A1708 820-00840-01 with missing PM_SLP_S5_L

    Board shows no liquid damage. Initially, there was a short on PPBUS_G3H, which I traced to Q7960. Replacing Q7960 removed the short. Now the board is missing PM_SLP_S5_L and is stuck in S5 state. PCH signals are all there, see below. What else can I check to rule out a defective PCH? 3V1_RTC...
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    820-00426 in S0 state but no chime

    I have an A1398 820-00426 board that apparently has all power rails and is in S0 state, with fans spinning, but refuses to chime or start up. USB mouse shows a brief flash, then nothing. No apparent liquid damage. Where would you look next? ALL_SYS_PWRGD: 3.2V PPVCC_S0_CPU: 1.8V SYS_PWROK_R : 3.4V
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    820-00840 with shorted PPBUS_G3H

    I’m new to the forum but have some limited experience with simple MacBook logic board repairs. I’m working on a A1708 board (820-00840) that presented with PPBUS_G3H shorted to ground. No obvious liquid exposure. I removed F7000, injected 2 V at PPBUS_G3H, which heated up the CPU power MOSFET...