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    820-01041 ssd fail

    Hi guys I have this board with this module ssd shorted , but I don’t find a new piece, it’s so hard find board donor this ssd module it’s 1TB configuration (6 modules total) can be replace with minus one capacity? or if someone have contact me
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    820-00163 green light no power

    Hi guys this time I have a 820-00163 board with no water damage or corrosion, checking all rails I found a 3v3_S0 pulsing with oscilloscope, which means I possibly have a short on S0. in the schematic I only see a few mentioned where I should start
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    820-00165 No Power

    hi guys this time i have this board with no power, some corrosion around ISL and U7400 area, after clean the pcb and replace isl i got green/orange light on charger but no fan spin some measures PPBUS_G3H 8.60v PP3V42_G3H. 3.4V PP5V_S5 5V PP3V3_S5. 3.3V PP5V_S4RS3. 5V with...
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    820-00840 dont power on 20V on charger

    Hi guys, I have this board 820-00840 with 20V 0.01a , no water damage, no corrosion . Any help Some measures PPBUS_G3H. 0.4v PP3V3_G3H. 0v PP3V3_UPC_XB_LDO. 3.3V PP3V3_UPC_XB 0v no short on PPBUS
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    820-3662-A 3 fan spin but 3 bips

    hi this mother board don't have water damage PP1V5R1V35_MEM present PP0V75_S0_DDRVTT present PP0V75_S3_MEM_VREFCA_A present any suggestion
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    820-00430 only first led on

    hi, please helpme this motherboard when plug the power cable fisrt led its power on but When I press the power button the second LED turns on for a second and goes out * audio codec was shorted and reheat I replace but no lucky any suggestion