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  1. smiba

    Rubber pads on heatsink screws

    I've never really thought if it, but could it be possible to keep the heatsink itself from touching the backplate thus not burning someones leg?
  2. smiba

    MBP17" 2009 (820-2390-A) Shut Downs randomly

    SMC_ON_OFF_L (2.96V) might be slightly lower then its supposed to, I don't think its bad enough to cause issues however. The fact you have 1.1V at PP1V1_S0GPU means you're in a S0 state so the device is most likely waiting on the CPU to finish its POST routine or other signals indicating boot...
  3. smiba

    820-3435 - Stuck on EFI part of boot with OSX - Boots Linux and Windows just fine

    Actually, I have managed to get the thunderbolt to work again a couple of times. If you keep the device powered off for 2-4 days and boot it up it works straight away and thunderbolt hardware is actually being found: I've tested its functionality by using a thunderbolt ethernet adapter and...
  4. smiba

    Another 820-00165 charging with 85w only

    Just to be sure, the 45W doesn't get detected by the system at all? Or does it simply just not charge with the 45W? Voltage of PPDCIN_G3H with the 45W charger connected? If its charging with 60W+ chargers I doubt U7100 itself is the culpit, I would suspect the SMC the most but even that...
  5. smiba

    Another 820-00165 charging with 85w only

    Any chance the 85W charger is a fake? Sounds like it has issues communicating with the charger. Does swapping I/O boards resolve the issue? I/O Cable looking ok as well? Does the system still detect the charger or not? If it does detect the charger, does it charge the battery from it without...
  6. smiba

    Macbook 2016 and up display issues

    If heat affects the issue its definitely a problem with the LCD display itself because the metal and solder will slightly expend. I've had Macbook Air displays (older models) with lines across the screen that went away or came back depending on the temprature
  7. smiba

    820-00138 no backlight on screen

    Please don't write your response in the picture description, its hard to read
  8. smiba

    2012 MB Air 820-3208-A voltage fluctuations

    Old post but FYI the meter is probably 100% OK, it usually doesn't damage anything on the meter itself because they know people will at some point put it on a powered circuit by accident. Its readings will just be useless while the board is powered however though
  9. smiba

    Long shot - Help with "frozen" SM0512F SSDs on MBP 2013 ?

    Isn't the frozen setting set by using disk encryption? Not sure if all Apple SSDs have these set after using FileVault (Default on pretty much all models with a new version of OS X), might also be enforced by the BIOS. You might get some luck by using the Parted Magic live CD ($11 one time...
  10. smiba

    Recommended board view

    Most board view files available do not have traces inside of them AFAIK, so no tool is avaliable to see them. Correct me if I'm wrong please (I'd love to be wrong on this one)
  11. smiba

    820-00165 - Minor damage on/around Q3510

    How about SMC bypass like was asked? Do this by disconnecting all power sources (Battery + Magsafe) and having the power button pressed (or with R5115/16) while plugging the charger in. Keep the button pressed until the device powers on, if it doesn't do that after 15 seconds you can give up...
  12. smiba

    820-4924 not turning on

    If you have a multimeter you might be able to catch this by setting it to its most sensitive DC Voltage mode, you will see it shoot up a little bit that way. Another option is using a LED with a 500 to 1kohm resistor to the PP3V3_S4 rail (Or to PP5V_S4 with appropriate resistor so the LED...
  13. smiba

    820 00045 only recognize 1.3GB On SSD

    Honestly this is a board issue related to the SSD at U8801/10 or the controller at U8400. (Most likely controller). From what I assume from your screenshot is that the controller is not being detected at all, which could be related to the controller itself but also due to broken internal traces...
  14. smiba

    820-3662 - Sudden power off

    Never have managed to, I think its an issue in the CPU itself because it seems to be the one that initiates the power down by pulling the signals. If you have any additional information I'm still interested though!
  15. smiba

    Another 820-2936-B EFI Lock question

    Given that the ME region on the currently flashed rom came from a same model macbook, FITC will export the configured ME settings to the .xml file. If you replace the ME binary with a "clean" one and loading this XML means the clean ME will be configured with the settings moved over from the...
  16. smiba

    Another 820-2936-B EFI Lock question

    Serial number editing of the BIOS will result in its checksum not matching up, however this should resolve itself if apple pushes a BIOS update. The functionality of the device is not impacted by it usually. If it works right now you may keep the BIOS Bad or re-used ME region might give issues...
  17. smiba

    820-2850-A no 1 volt rails

    I might be wrong as I haven't worked on these boards for a while, but looking at the schematic tells me this voltage rail is not important and possibly not even populated. PP1V05_S5 is used for XDP which is only on development boards because this is not a feature needed on the boards sold to...
  18. smiba

    820-3435 - Stuck on EFI part of boot with OSX - Boots Linux and Windows just fine

    Alright I did some verification of the Thunderbolt circuit It seems I might have been mistaken that thunderbolt power is working by thinking if my thunderbolt ethernet adapter makes the lights on my router blink its working PP15V_TBT is missing because TBT_A_HV_EN stays low, not sure if its...
  19. smiba

    820-2330 No S3

    If you're still having the issue that the MCP voltage isn't at the right range but around 0.2V - 0.8V make sure to replace C7771 with a NEW capacitor. All these capacitors will die over time and getting them from a donor board probably doesn't make them much healthier. Measure resistance from...