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  1. pipsystems

    820-00875-A A1708

    Hi, USB-C shows 20V with cycling amperage from 0 to 0.025A D6905: pin 1: 1mV pin 2: 20.5V R7030 shows pp3v3 is at 3.39V L7030 is at 12mV
  2. pipsystems

    820-00165 A1466 No battery

    Board powers on and boots fine with charger, known good batteries display 0%, dies, and it does not charge. Corrosion around C1204, and U6101 area I tested the continuity on U6101 and all the connections seem to be fine still
  3. pipsystems

    A1708 Screen Glitching

    The apple logo looks fine when it loads, then after it's done loading, the screen starts sporadically making boxes all over the screen.
  4. pipsystems

    A1989 820-00850-A

    Hi, I have a board that is only drawing 5V on all USB-C ports getting 0.168A on two ports, then 0.134A on one port, then 0.026A on another. After taking out the board and ports it appears one of the ports on each side is covered in junk. I am currently using a fresh port and getting 0.137A I do...
  5. pipsystems

    A1466 820-00165

    Hi, I had a macbook A1466 with corrosion all around U1930. It was originally drawing 30mA. After replacing both resistors and U1930 it attempts to turn on drawing around 130mA with the fan spinning full blast PPbus_g3h @ 8.6 present 5v_s4 @ 5.1 present 3v3_s5 @ 3.33 present ppddr_s3 @ 1.2...
  6. pipsystems

    A1502 Late 2013

    Board boots fine, just unbearably slow and high fan spin. No signs of corrosion 820-3536-A
  7. pipsystems

    820-3209-A A1466 2012

    drawing 20mA PPbus_g3h is 8.4V pp3v42 is present pp5v_s5 is present pm_slp_s4 is missing, not sure where to fix
  8. pipsystems

    820-3332-A A1398

    Hi, I have a board with no power, Draws 16-17mA ppbus_g3h = 12.6V U7201: 3v3s5_en =3.4V pp5v_s5 = 5V p5vp3v3_vref2 = 2V 3v3s5_comp2 = 1.8V P3v3s5_VFB = 1.1V It seems all the 3.3 Rails are coming up short, am I right?
  9. pipsystems

    820-01987-A 2020 A2289

    Hi, I was to preface by saying I do not know how these newer boards work. I had a cap that blew and I replaced it on this board, I do not have the schematics so I can not say specifically. I have attached a picture of the cap though. Connecting this board to a USB-C meter it successfully goes...
  10. pipsystems

    A1502 820-3476-A

    Hi again, I have an A1502 board that started at 26mA for a while, I was testing voltages and at some point, it jumped to 150mA I was originally missing PP5V_S4 on L7520 but then once it jumped to 150mA it was present. L7320 & L7310 seem a little low at 1.7V instead of 1.8V? U1950 there is no...
  11. pipsystems

    A1708 Logic 820-00875-A

    Hello, USB-C meter does not power on, board appears bone dry CD3215 chips both produce 3.3V and no unusual heat under thermal camera injecting 1-8.6V into ppbus_g3h produces no amperage D6905 Measurements: 1) 500mA -> Slowly decreasing (PPBUS_G3H) 2) 100mV -> Stable please help me I'm...