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    820-3536 Clean ME or BIOS needed

    820-3536 board Symptoms are will turn on, in a constant bootloop, chime every 3 seconds. SMC reset does work but nothing changes, PRAM reset does not work. I cannot find any 820-3536 files online, only 3476, are they the same?? Inspected board and some corrosion around U7200, and J6100...
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    820-00426 Question about FDMF

    820-00426, symptoms are all power rails are present, board alone takes a little over an amp, and slowly rises CPU and GPU VCORE all present, as well as clean ME and reflashed BIOS chip, USB lights up but no activity. Im leaning this towards a dead cpu, however I just want to be sure. R to G on...
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    820-00165 Power Button Not Working

    820-00165, history is weird, however came to me with dent in charger port, and it looks like some charger port water damage too. Owner said she brought it to apple and they diagnosed it as a bad logic board. Board will boot in safe mode on its own sometimes, and fans will spin to max. When I...
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    820-00138 PP3V3_SUS shorted to ground

    820-00138 Board takes around 88-94 mah, and stays. No liquid damage signs but it looks like its been ultrasoniced before. Ive seen boards with no spi rom act sort of this way, so I measured U6100. Noticed immediately PP3v3_sus was shorted to ground and 0v, though nothing was getting warm, pch...
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    CPU die exposed, very cool.

    820-3435 came into my possession. Board took over 2 Amps, and CPU was getting hot. Obviously knew it was dead, so why not have some fun? Also got it for 10$. I removed the shielding above the die to expose it. Idk if anyone else thinks stuff like this is cool but this just fascinates me, and...
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    820-3435 ME issue??

    Hello, I have an 820-3435 which has been through a little, but ALOT. I first got the board and noticed it had water damage across different parts of the board, mainly backlight, and some parts of the thunderbolt hardware as well. However, the CPU has a tiny little chip on the PCB of the CPU, on...
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    820-3787 No brain?

    This is starting to puzzle me. All power rails are present and the machine is turning on. Signs of liquid damage however extremely minimal and have nothing to do with any critical components. Fans spin, all main power rails are normal, I get USB light however no activity, and I get a...
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    820-3437 Dead CPU?

    820-3437, came to me taking 20-21 miliamps with just power connected, when connected to power board it showed red/green light and took 24-26 miliamps. I measured all rails, and all seemed good except for PM_SLP_S4, and thought it was a corrupt ME or something like that. IT WAS, however now that...
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    820-00165 turns on only is SMC bypass mode.

    I have an 820-00165 that only fully turns on in SMC bypass mode. The Macbook enters S0 state but only for about 5 seconds, then comes from 500 man then goes to 6 mahs. Another weird thing I'm noticing is PPBUS_G3H is at 9.28V, instead of the normal 8.6V, and when the Macbook goes to 6 mahs...
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    820-3787 Kernel Panic

    MacBook Pro has no signs of liquid damage, power on quickly and fine, passes Apple Diagnostics but kernel panics on startup of any OS. The kernel panic is weird though because no kernel extensions are in backtrace, all it says is Thread 0 crashed. I have kind of narrowed this down to being a CPU...
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    820-3437 No Image, No Chime.

    U6100 and its surroundings look good, seems to have some liquid damage, corrosion around some traces but nothing major. I have cleaned up most traces that look bad but board still does not completely turn on. All power rails are there, board starts out at 350 Mah, then goes to about 600 Mah or...
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    820-00165 Strange Issue, help!

    820-00165 The Logic Board does not turn on, when attached to my power supply it will take 30Mah, then quickly 19Mah, then to about 160 for a split second, then back to 30. I have narrowed down the problem to U8080, and the PP5V_S4R3 rail. It seems like there is a short to ground, however I have...
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    SSD Issue, Apple SSD

    Hello, I have a MZ-JPU128T/A02 SSD, that is not working properly, there is water damage on this resistor (and capacitor) and when measuring resistance of it, it turns out to 26 OHMs, it also has continuity in Diode mode, I don?t think these are correct values, I need someone to confirm the...
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    820-00165 SMC Resets when physically touching U5110, and U7090, and its surroundings.

    When I touch, with my finger, U5110, or U7090, the SMC will reset Its actually seems like the SMC turns on, then off, then on again. This board had a history of liquid damage, there seems to be no damage around U5110, and its surroundings, however on U7090, the chip itself seems fine, but...
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    820-00165 No backlight, Im stumped.

    Im getting a short every time I plug in the screen, my first suspect was Q7707, however I have already replaced it and everything measures correctly. EDP_BKLT_EN is 3.2V, same with BKLT_PLT_RST, its at 3.2V as well. When I plug in the screen LCDBKLT_EN_L gets 0V, and Q7706 gets shorted...
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    820-00165 sms_int_l (r5193)

    R5193 is gone, very corroded and the pads are gone, is this an important resistor or function?
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    820-3437 No Backlight / R7715 & R7731 pads corroded and gone.

    As the title says, this is a board that came in with liquid damage, upon cleaning both resistors came off the board, with little force, and the pads are gone too. I know I will have to run a wire to ball 3 of U7701, my question is how much voltage is on BKL_EN, and what could I leach off of to...
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    820-3437 No Backlight / Strange Issue

    No signs of liquid damage on the board. All voltages on backlight circuit look normal but still no backlight. I have narrowed it down to it being EDP_BKLT_EN, and EDP_PANEL_PWR. Both of those are at 0V. EDP_PANEL_PWR pulses on start, goes to about 5V for half a second, then to 0V. EDP_BKLT_EN...
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    820-3462 Backlight Fuse (F9700) keeps blowing

    820-3462 PPBUS_G3H - 12.6V when fuse is soldered and desoldered. Replaced with 3-4 fuses, keep blowing. No corrosion or liquid damage signs on the backlight circuit (Around Q9707) or around the LVDS connector. Any tips, I will be happy to report back voltages of other chips too.
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    820-00281 No SSD, Need advice!

    I need some logic board repair advice, I am repairing an 820-00281 that showed no ssd (soldered to board), and I ended up finding what the problem was, some liquid got on C8784 and removed the PP1V8_SSD_FMC pad (pad 1). I looked up the capacitor in the schematic PDF file and it shares...