00165 sms_int_l

anyone know what SMS_INT_L does?
Just had a board that I was breaking my balls over, spending half a day figuring out why it was running painfully slow.

Everything worked just fine, it's just that it booted awfully slow and had read-write-speeds at about 40% of what is normal.
After giving it a third thorough examination under the microscope again, I found that the 3.4v input pad under R5193 was corroded.
Also R5641 was corroded, but that measured fine so I don't think that was the issue.

After replacing both resistors and trace, It's all working fine now and the machine runs quick again. Just thought I'd ask if anyone knows how this works.?


Staff member
SMC monitors CPU current consumption via R5641, so is very important.

SMS_INT_L should be some kind of interruption request; not used, so must be pulled up to 3V.