00281 with liquid

So I haven't applied power to this one yet, because i measured a short on ppbus. Turns out there was liquid under the mosfets for the 3 phases of CPU. So I removed those and the short disappeared. After checking resistance to ground on vcore, and removing all three CPU coils, i found that there is a 0.49 Ohms short to ground at pins 2 of all three coils..
this is probably a fucked CPU? Or is there anything left to try..

Just to make sure i'm not missing anything.
Data on this board is very important to the customer, so thats why i posted.


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Less than 1 ohm looks bad.
Compare with known good board, for better reference.

Lifeboat connector allows you to save the data using external data recovery tool...
Yeah the other board i have in has a 1,8 ohms resistance to ground there.. o dont have the data migration tool unfortunately. do you happen to know what is required to work on the board for the tool to do its job?
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OK, i dont know what happened, but i ordered a tool on wednesday and i got it in this morning, two days later (from the US to Europe).. I guess FedEx has some luck as well sometimes..

Anyway, without the CPU mosfets and coils on the board (because i desoldered them earlier) the drive is recognized with the datamigration tool. this thing is awesome!
Gonna charge the customer at least the amount i paid for the fucking apple device, and all's good!