2010 MBP works but doesnt charge the battery.


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No liquid damage, its detecting battery in About. I always seem to replace ISL6259 but my question is "how to tell if it is in fact the ISL?" any help is much appreciated thanks in advance.


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When OSX detects battery, first step is testing known good battery.
Post exact voltage for PPBUS_G3H and run ASD EFI.


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Thanks for the BRD. here is the conclusion.

ISL6259 area was fucked. looks like someone gave it a good blowjob with an hot air gun on hi flow and blew shit everywhere. resistor where a cap was supposed to be and so on. dare i say the original fault all along was probably the battery. out of 6 batteries i had they were all broken lol. i tested it with a 13" battery and what do ya know??? it started charging.

Thanks once again, this job is done! as for the failing GPU whos gives a daam, some customers love thier shit so much they will literally use it to the death. so long as they are aware of the issue then thats all thatr matters.