3437 VSS PRAM Block is Messed Up


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Quarter Fan Spin in Loop

PPBUS_G3H: 8.59V
PP3V42: 3.401V
PPRTC_G3H: 3.310V
PP5V_S5: 4.994V
PP3V_S5: 3.310V
S4 to S0 rails, Pin 3 of U1950 pulsing

PM_BATLOW_L : 3.305V
SMC_PM_G2_EN: 3.396V

Checked all SPI Bus Series Termination traces and resistors
Put flux and heated SMC and SPI

When I connect the Medusa it displays "VSS PRAM Block is Messed Up"
Replaced U6100 and tried without reprogramming and cleaning anything: Board Starts S0 state OK but No Chime and backlight/Display
Write Spi Rom, cleaned ME region, Fixed Fsys Crc Serial, cleaned Pram: still showing same Pram missed up message and fan is not Spining.
When I connect the Medusa to the board, it starts.

Did you ever seen this message on the medusa?