820-00165-A Can't turn off and other problems


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I got this Air here. No water damage. It has a damage on the side where the USB port is. I took a photo of it.
Just the case damaged. The USB port and the logic board is not!

The right side speaker didn't work. The AMP(U6410) was dead. No liquid damage.

Sometimes it hangs on boot. Just the Apple logo comes on and nothing happen. The CPU gets freaking hot 89-90C the fan stays at normal speed(strange).
If it boots I can't turn it off. The screen goes black, but the fan still spinning. Even after an hour. The CPU just warm when this happens.

When it turns on and boot into OS everything seems fine. It charges battery. I can watch 4k videos all day long.
First I thought this is a BIOS problem, but it's not. I cleaned the ME region. I had a clean ME region for 820-4924 and I used that one.
Nothing really changed.

I attached a picture where it hangs when it does not want to boot. I also attached a picture of the damaged case.