820-00165-A - Troubles to stays on - Artefacts on screen



I have here a 820-00165-A from a MacBook Air A1466 with a strange issue to me. At the beginning, the board was not powering on, no liquid damage. After further mesurement, I replaced the SMC and since this, the board powered on, can boot, but artefacts come very quickly after boot, sometimes while booting up, and the board shuts down (see attachments). After this, I tried clean ME Region, replacing BIOS without any changes.

I've never seen this, and I'd like to know if someone know what it could be related to ? CPU or RAM ? I actually tried to reflow both, with a better success for the RAM reflow, but the problem comes back really quickly (can't even make a full install of MacOS).

Thank you all for your time,



Hi 2informaticos !

Thank you for your answer. I am just getting back to it today, and actually I can't finish the OS loading. The artefacts comes while booting and seems to freeze the Mac.

I guess that if it's iGPU related it's game over for this board. But is it if it's RAM related, how difficult is the RAM replacement ? It's a 4Go board with only 4 RAM chip, it could worth the try, do you thing ?