820-00165 Issues


Ok, so I have an 820-00165 With No Magsafe light, PP3v42 is at 3.41V and PPBUS_G3H is at 8.18V and drawing .20A. SMC_RESET_L is at .50V. I am getting my 3.42V on pins 1 and 3. should I replace U5110 first or is there other places to check first?


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Remove JTAG first. If no change, remove U5110. If SMC_RESET_L comes high, then bad SMC_RESET IC. If still low, bad SMC is likely


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Remove R7100 before SMC; small chance for bad U7100 still exists.
Let SMC to the last step.
BTW, be sure R5100 and C5101 are good and test the board w/o trackpad flex.
In fact, post U5110 voltages, if you doubt.
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