820-00165 liquid damage around u5110


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only place with waterspil is area of u5110
it is clean the contact look bright and shiny.

system work great, but sometimes it wont boot very randomly
is it possible u5110 can cause random no boot.

(fan spins, green light works) but no boot
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The SMC can communicate with the SPI ROM which does have much to do with booting. If it got a jolt from U5110 or if PP3V42 had a ripple I wouldn't be surprised if it hurt the SMC, or if the same liquid that slid in through the back near U5110 got to the SMC.


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didnt the rules say.

step one remove jtag connector. with followingen situation

when liquid damage
when logic board damage
when damage to any part of the system (yes even if a keyboard button is gone)
when datarecovery