820 00165 Power button needs to be held until chiming finishes plus running extremely slow.


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Originally came in with low PPBUS_G3H I replaced U5110 and sent it back. Two months later it has returned with the same problem so I replaced U5110 again but this time after the replacement the fan would spin for 1 second than shut off. It would start with SMC bypass so I checked all sensors and eventually replaced SMC with no luck. When testing further I have found if you hold the power button for 5 seconds when it has finished chiming it will boot but is running extremely slow. If you release the power button before it has finished chiming it will shut down.

I have just put another bios with clean ME and tried another SSD but it is still the same. Do you think I am dealing with two issues here?


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Post all voltages for U5110.
Disconnect trackapd flex and check using R5115/16 pads, instead of power button.