820-00165 SMC issue


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Hello, we have this 00165 that 8.17v, it had corrosion on U3510. After replacing, still 8.18. Rest of the boards looks clean, now we changed the SMC 3 x (no stock left:() but still get 8.17. I do get SMC_PM_G2_EN on U7501? Is there something else that can pull down the SMC power to 8.17v? I did get a spinning fan (blow hard) at some point but after we replaced the 3rd SMC nothing. Missing P3v3_SUS as well as P3V3SUS_EN, i do have P3v3_S5.

Another question, is the SMC for 3437 compatible with 00165?

Some more readings:

I have 32 on clock chip
U1950 gets 3.4v
PM_BATLOW_L = 3.3v

Edit: just changed the 4th SMC from a board with a 100% working one (short in memory power line), same, 8.17v but on previous board 8.6
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Why do you change things without reason?
Did you check voltage and diode mode on SCL/SDA lines of battery bus?
Did you try the MLB alone, without LIO flex connected?
Post all U5110 voltages.


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Status update: Replaced U5110 as pin 7 showed 0.117v, after replacing 3.47v and orange light + PPBUS = 8.59v. Also I get SMC_PM_G2_EN = 3.4 seems SMC is running. Missing now 5V, ofcourse.... no enable signal at R7551:rolleyes:. Will use the search button.... :D