820-00239-09 Low PP3V3_G3H


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I have an 820-00239-09 Board here. PP3V3_G3H is at 2.60V, no short to ground.
I have replaced one of the CD3215 chips (it had a hole in it)
PPDCIN_G3H is 5.1V. Charger is stuck at 5.1V, 0.24A
PPVIN_G3H_P3V3G3H is 4.602V
I have also replaced diode D6902 with no change

Should I be replacing ISL9239? What are my next steps?
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Any history available?

Post diode mode (red probe at ground) at R6915 and C6905.
Also post U6903 volages; pins 2, 10, 1, 3, 9.


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Customer said MacBook would not turn on. I verified this by connecting charger and Mac was only accepting 5.1V at 0.24A on three of the four ports. The last port was doing nothing at all. I removed board and PP3V3_G3H was only 2.6V and UB300 had a small hole through it. I removed and replaced this chip and repaired one of the broken traces for PPDCIN_G3H connected to this CD3215 chip. Here are the requested readings after this work was done:

R6915 = 0.370V
C6905 = 0.578V

U6905 Voltages:
Pin 2= 4.60V
Pin 10 = 4.986V
Pin 1 = 7.30V
Pin 3 = 2.80V
Pin 9 = 0.772V

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U6903 swapped out. PP3V3_G3H is now 1.7V, Charger is still at 5.1V, but now drawing 0 Amps. Here are the same measurements:

R6915 = 0.362V
C6905 = 0.572V

U6903 Voltages:
Pin2 = 5.02
Pin10 = 4.99
Pin1 = 6.52
Pin 3 =1.80
Pin 9 = 0.46

PPBUS_G3H is 0.24V