820-00239 not turning on


Hello, I have here a MacBook Pro 13" 820-00239 that does not turn on. The owner says it happend after he has plugged a fake charger. One of the USB-C ports is dead, the other three draw 5.12 V and 0.4 A. Under the thermal cam I can see three components getting warm: UB300, Q3200 and D6902. My guess is, that UB300 might be the problem, as it is close to the broken port. As it seems to be an underfilled chip I do not want to remove it unnecessarily. How should I proceed?


Staff member
Very likely UB300 is dead.
Compare diode mode reading on its LDOs with the other chips.
Be very careful when remove it; practice on scrap boards.
I'm sure you can find some videos on Internet; better than 1000 words.