820-00281 No Post


Hello. Got this board here, which I'm suspecting it may have a BGA because the top case is bent in the middle. Anyway. Board enters S0, fans spin, but no video. I have VCORE present on L7221 and L7211 on 1.05V, meaning there's no post. I tried a new BIOS that I found on the forum and same thing. Put the original file back and decided to give some heat to the SMC and the machine booted. Reballed the SMC. The machine worked for a couple of minutes and then died again with no POST. Tried reflowing the SMC with 559 flux and again the board worked for some minutes and died. That's why I'm suspecting maybe the BGA of the RAMs or CPU/GPU is damaged, as the top case enclosure is bent right in the middle, over the area of the big chips and as SMC is near them on the board maybe the heat to recall/reflow it is making something dilate on the board and make contact again temporarily. Anything I can check?


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Apart of reflow/reballing the BGAs, not too much.
Maybe broken traces, not only solders; probably wasting time...