820-00840-A Part Identification


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Hey all :)

Have an 820-00840-A with some liquid damage. There a rather large hole in the board which connects to a part thats not listed on any schematic I can find?

Looks to be PI3USB32224BXEAE , can't find pinouts so not sure where to run trace wire.

Pics attach and help appreciated!



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Thanks mate

Found that part but not pinout or explanation of function. A bit more searching and https://www.diodes.com/assets/Datash...I3USB32212.pdf is the closest thing I've found so far with chip info, so USB 3.1 Mux/Demux (looks like more pins on short ends..).

As its a 2 Thunderbolt model I'm guessing that burned pin is a fair place to start.

Hoping someone can identify that pin connected to the burned pad so I can run a trace wire.
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Get a scrap board with that area in good shape.
Remove the f**g USB redriver chip and also CD3215 chips.
Then check continuity between redriver, CD3215 and USB connector pins...